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How to get more likes on instagram ?

Want to increase your Instagram engagement rate? 

Getting more likes will help ensure that your future posts will be more visible, as the platform's algorithm works to show users content that resembles what they may have been interested in before. 

To help you get more likes, I have written this guide on how to get more likes on Instagram! 

Take care of your description and your hashtags

Writing great legends...

...for Instagram it seems obvious. The hardest part is finding out what's good for your brand. That will vary, of course. 

For example, the shortest legends are not necessarily the best. It all depends on what you have to tell and how well you explain what you've photographed. 

Every hashtag...

...that you use has the potential to open up your post and your brand as a whole to a whole new audience. Think about your hashtag strategy:

  • Don't be too wide (e.g. #dog), but don't be too specialized (e.g. #labradoodlesofgreenpoint)
  • Use an effective number of hashtags (studies indicate that posts with 9 hashtags get the most engagement)
  • Put them in the right place (i.e. in the comments)
  • Consider creating a branded hashtag
  • Using hashtags in stories and your biography

Hashtags require a touch of skill, as a single glance can tell your audience whether you're savvy or desperate!


Post consistently and at the right time

As a brand of Instagram, you don't want to annoy your followers, but you don't want to be a ghost either. A content calendar is a great tool to help you plan the amount of messages needed to get people's attention without losing quality.

But instead of dropping everything to post twice a day, we recommend using a social media management tool that allows you to schedule Instagram messages. This way, you can save time by spending a few hours a week assembling your messages, and spend the rest of the time relaxing and watching Instagram take shape. (Or, you know, doing the rest of this list and managing your business).

Instagram does not show posts chronologically, but its algorithm favours the most recent posts.. This means that if you want your post to be in front of users, it's important that you know when your audience is actually viewing the application.

Okay, so when is it, exactly?

Your own analyses will already give you some indications. Then it all depends on your sector. We invite you to consult the timetables indicated here to find out more! 

Tag brands or people and ask your followers to tag their friends.

Whether you're marking a colleague, a new acquaintance or your childhood hero, the goal is to highlight how much you appreciate them and to share this value with your audience.

This one can be tricky. Save it for great posts so people really want their friends to see it. You probably also need to give them a reason (say, a gift?) for not just broadcasting it in private.

Partnering with an influencer

Find an influential player in your sector with whom you can partner. Ask him/her to take and publish a picture of him/her with your product on his/her profile and yours. This allows your company to reach more people in your target market and increases your credibility with this social proof.

Influencers take their decisions into account, which means that the people they send messages to will be more likely to buy a product from your company.

When you post videos, add subtitles!

As we've said before, subtitles are a great way to gain visibility! Videos are most of the time watched without sound, you wouldn't want your video to be scrolled without interest? To avoid this: A-PLAY SUBTITLES! This is essential to gain visibility, but it also makes your video more accessible, especially for deaf and hard of hearing people. To do this, use Capté and add subtitles 

Instagram will soon be hiding the likes in France, so... what's the point?

Instagram is testing this new feature : hide the likes ! Indeed, it seems that this "like pressure" can influence users, even causing psychological problems... If instagram validates this test, you will still have access to your likes and your statistics, but others won't be able to know them 😉 

Looking to win some Instagram likes?

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