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How to transcribe a conference into text?

Reading time: 3 min You want to keep a written record of your conferences? Great idea! It's a great way to reach a wide audience. This article presents the different solutions you can consider to efficiently transcribe your conferences.

Transcribe a podcast with Capté
How to transcribe a podcast?

Reading time: 3 min Do you produce podcasts? In view of the battle that rages to get the first places in the SERP, properly referencing your content is of paramount importance. The transcription of audio into text remains one of the most important

How do I caption my videos on Instagram?

Reading Time: 3 min Want the whole world to follow you on Instagram? Want to learn how to put captions on your Instagram videos and Reels? You've come to the right place!

Solutions to transcribe a video into text

Reading time: 3 min To reach your marketing targets, having video content with quality subtitles is now necessary. Are you interested? In this article, we present you with different possible solutions.

Image illustrating how to caption real Instagram
How do you caption a real thing on Instagram?

Reading Time: 3 min Instagram has launched the ability to add subtitles automatically to your videos. But how do you add subtitles to your real Instagram? Captured explains it all to you.

Automatic subtitle generation software

Reading Time: 3 min To reach an ever-widening audience while saving time and money, automatic subtitles help a lot. Learn about several automatic subtitling software in this article.

How to subtitle a YouTube video?

Reading time: 3 min Videos with subtitles get a higher Watch Time than videos without subtitles. How to put subtitles on your YouTube videos?

YouTube subtitles: explicit language for children

Reading time: 2 min The Artificial Intelligence that transcribes spoken dialogues on the standard version of the platform can transform the words "corn" by "porn" "beach" into "bitch" and "brave" into "rape" ....

capté - transcription - subtitles - import srt file
The .srt import on Capté

Reading time : < 1 min You already have your .srt file and you want to import it into your video? Capté's .srt import tool is for you! We explain how it works.

capté - transcription - subtitles - translate english
Translate a video from French to English

Reading time: 2 min How to easily translate a French video into English? With a simple and effective tool: Capté! Get English subtitles in the blink of an eye.

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