YouTube subtitles: explicit language for children

Reading time: 2 min The Artificial Intelligence that transcribes spoken dialogues on the standard version of the platform can transform the words "corn" by "porn" "beach" into "bitch" and "brave" into "rape" ....

capté - transcription - subtitles - import srt file
The .srt import on Capté

Reading time : < 1 min You already have your .srt file and you want to import it into your video? Capté's .srt import tool is for you! We explain how it works.

capté - transcription - subtitles - translate english
Translate a video from French to English

Reading time: 2 min How to easily translate a French video into English? With a simple and effective tool: Capté! Get English subtitles in the blink of an eye.

capté - transcription - subtitles - referencing your podcast
Why referencing your podcast?

Reading time: 3 min Your podcast is published but the work does not stop there: to gain visibility, you must refer it!

capté - transcription - subtitles - e-learning
Why create training videos?

Reading time: 4 min Training videos are becoming more and more popular. Why should you create one too?

capté - transcription - subtitles - ROI webp
Learn how to measure the ROI of your videos

Reading time: 3 min Create videos and then measure their impact. It's easy when you know how to measure ROI! Learn how to measure the ROI of your videos by reading this article and it will no longer have any secrets for you

capté - transcription - subtitles - e-learning
How not to miss your training video?

Reading Time: 4 min Online training is becoming more and more common. How to make your training video successful? We explain 5 mistakes not to make for a successful video!

capture - transcription - subtitles - artificial intelligence JPG
Tools, tips and resources to automate video creation

Reading time: 3 min Creating video content can be very technical and complicated, especially if you know little about it. Fortunately, some tasks can be automated. Find out how to automate video creation.

captioning - transcription - subtitles - shooting video
Create subtitles for social networks

Reading time: 2 min Subtitles on social networks are all about benefit. Videos are becoming more and more present and subtitling is becoming a breeze with tools like Captured so it's time

caption - transcript - subtitles - person surfing Facebook
Make subtitling your strong point on social networks

Reading time: 2 min Who hasn't pulled out their phone while waiting in line? Social networks are a source of entertainment. They have understood this and have started to promote videos more and more.