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Why create training videos?

Reading time: 4 min Training videos are becoming more and more popular. Why should you get involved?

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Learn how to measure the ROI of your videos

Reading time: 3 min Create videos and then measure their impact. It's easy when you know how to measure ROI! So learn how to measure it with Capté!

capture - transcription - subtitles - e-learning
How not to miss your training video?

Reading time: 4 min Online training is becoming more and more common. Do you also want to get into the adventure? We explain you 5 mistakes not to make for a successful video!

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Tools, tips and resources to automate video creation

Reading time: 3 min Creating video content can be very technical and complicated, especially if you don't know much about it. Fortunately, some tasks can be automated. Find out how to make content creation automatic.

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At least 5 reasons to subtitle content

Reading time: 2 min Subtitling on social networks is all about benefits. Videos are becoming more and more prevalent and captioning is becoming a breeze thanks to tools like Captured so it's time

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Make subtitling your strong point on social networks

Reading time: 2 min Who hasn't pulled out their phone while waiting in line? Social networks are a source of entertainment. They have understood this and have started to promote videos more and more.

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How do I get the €500 digital voucher?

Reading time: 3 min The State makes available a 500€ check for all expenses

How to create a video advice in Reels

Reading time: 3 min Have you ever seen tips from Reels? Learn how to create your own with Capté

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Adding subtitles to a WordPress video

Reading time: 2 min With Wordpress you can easily add subtitles to your videos. Learn how to add your subtitles easily.

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Writing a compelling video script

Reading Time: 8 min Video is the content has created more than ever. But here's the thing, you may not know where to start. Lucky for you, Capte is here to help. Every good video is going to start with a