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To reach your marketing targets, having video content with quality subtitles is now a must. Subtitles will also improve your SEO while saving you time and money.

Are you interested? In this article, we present you with different possible solutions for transcribe a video into text.

Transcribe a video to text manually

Many videographers will tell you that they have at least once tried to make the textual transcription of a video by themselves. The written transcription of a manual video, without the help of software or professional services, is an old and still effective solution.

However, it doesn't take long to realize that this method is tedious, slow and doesn't allow you to focus on your core business. So what are the solutions you can adopt if you don't want to transcribe a video into text yourself?

Have a video transcribed into text by a professional

The agencies of video transcription in text are numerous to offer their services. A few words on the Google search bar and you are spoilt for choice! You can also search for a provider on professional social networks and platforms such as LinkedIn or Upwork.

The main advantage of calling on a specialist in the field is that you benefit from a close exchange with him. By listening to your needs, desires and requirements, the professional will be able to adopt the style and tone you want. A machine can rarely do that! 

But as the saying goes: to err is human. The back and forth of the text between you and the provider can be numerous in some cases. 

The disadvantage is also the following the cost of the service. It is often higher than the other solutions. So, how to transcribe a video into text faster and at a lower cost? Use theartificial intelligence is an increasingly common solution.

Automatic transcription software to transcribe video into text

Time saving is the main advantage offered by a software of video to text transcription. A job that would take an entire day for a professional audio transcription can be done in a few minutes. 

Although the artificial intelligence can be criticized for not recognizing voices well sometimes, we can be sure that it will not make spelling mistakes. Indeed, its algorithm will take words directly from its dictionary.

That said, the user will not be totally free of work. A check and some corrections will still be necessary in most cases.

Transcribing video to text: what about YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is the tool for managing your channel on YouTube. For transcribe a YouTube video into textYou have to go to the "subtitles" section. The tool will upload the video to YouTube, transcribe it, and upload the subtitles.

However, there is a catch: the YouTube Studio interface is not as simple as it looks. The number of long tutorials to learn how to transcribe a YouTube video into text on YouTube Studio proves it! And you've probably already experienced it. 

Also, the video to text transcription on YouTube Studio is set to the original language by default. To translate your transcript in a more reliable way, you will often have to use other services.

Use Captured to transcribe video to text?

Simplicity! This is the key word for all the arguments of the Captured tool. 

With its very intuitive interface, the written transcription of a video in text on Captured will be done in a few minutes. Nothing complicated! 

  • Step 1: You upload the video.

  • Step 2: The AI automatically transcribes your video.

  • Step 3: You get your transcript that you can edit and then export as a copy and paste, a SRT or subtitles directly integrated into the video.

No need to pay large sums of money and wait days for get the text transcript of a video

Opt for the free service of Capté. You can also turn to standard or premium accounts for options tailored to your needs at competitive rates.

Here we go, I start subtitling

Subtitle easily and efficiently

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