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Easily translate a video from French to English! And yes, with a tool like Capté, translation is automatic. The web app offers 13 different languages for translation and transcription, including English and French. Going from French to English is just a click away with artificial intelligence. We explain how it works.

Why translate your video from French to English?

Translate your video allows you to go international. English is the world language, many more people speak English than French. Translating your content will allow you to reach an international audience, to touch new publics.

In addition, it will allow you to improve your SEO because you will be referenced in English and French!

capture - transcription - subtitles - translate French to English

Automatically translate from French to English

Machine translation = proofreading

Automation saves time but even if artificial intelligence is advanced, it does not replace the human! So nothing is better than a good little rereading once the translation is done.

But how to translate from French to English?

Here we go, our essential tool: Capté !

Captured is the tool that allows you to automatic subtitling all your videos. For this 4 steps:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Leave Artificial intelligence transcribes audio into subtitles
  3. Edit your subtitles (and translate)
  4. Export your video

What about translation? Well, that happens at the editing stage. Once you have edited your subtitles to correct the mistakes, you go to thetab and click on the desired language. The translation is instantaneousonce it is done, read again and as soon as you are satisfied, go to export ! In the "Export" tab, you have the choice between two options: export by .srt file or export with subtitles integrated in the video.

Which export to choose?

Captured offers two exports: the .srt file or the video with integrated subtitles.

The .srt file will allow you to link several subtitle files to the same video. By doing this, you allow your audience to choose the language of their choice when viewing and to choose whether or not to display the subtitling. This option is also optimal for SEO.

By integrating your subtitles to the video, your subtitles are displayed throughout the viewing

In summary

Translating your video from French to English will allow you to reach a new, more international audience. Use Captured to translate from French to English will save you time and automate the process. Plus, doing so will help your video's SEO. Translate in a flash and get English subtitles, don't wait any longer! With Capté, you can do the same process in 12 different languages, so you can be totally cosmopolitan.

Need a translation from French to English?

Translate and subtitle your video in English with Capté!

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