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Creating videos doesn't stop at creation, after publication, there are the calculations. Measuring the ROI of your videos is essential to improve your skills and know the reach of your videos. But how do you learn to measure ROI? Capté is here to explain the calculations.

Learn how to measure the ROI of your videos by reading this article and it will have no more secrets for you!

What is ROI?

To calculate your ROI, you will need 8 different KPIs. These 8 key indicators are a godsend for the marketer that you are. Thanks to them, you will know the impact of your video on your business.

Visibility: the number of views

Classic indicator and surely the most known, it allows you to know your notoriety. The number of views is important and should be looked at for each content publication, however, be careful not to make it the metric par excellence because it does not help you to know if you have reached the right target or if you have succeeded in converting.

Engagement: likes, comments and other interactions

As you should know, the algorithms of the different social platforms love engagement. And the higher your engagement rate, the more your reach will increase. Engagement is a good indicator to know if your videos really interested your target or not.

Average viewing time

Did you know that the first ten seconds are decisive for your audience? Indeed, these first 10 seconds are the ones that your audience will choose or not to continue reading your video. The average viewing time allows you to know when the audience stops watching your video. This indicator allows you to optimize your video and to understand the points to improve.

The VTR: How many people have watched your entire video?

VTR means view throught rate. This indicator allows you to know the rate of people who have viewed your video until the end. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your video and the interest generated in your audience. 

The discovery factor

How many people subscribed after watching your video? This data allows you to know if you have succeeded in converting people into new subscribers. Thanks to this indicator, you can measure your capacity to retain subscribers.

The CTR, better known as the click-through rate

The click-through rate is a KPI often used in the marketing sector. It is calculated as a percentage using this formula: clicks ÷ impressions = CTR (click-through rate). Impressions are the number of times your video has been played. The click rate allows you to know the potential conversions.

The number of conversions: how many people did you seduce?

You know your click-through rate now, but are your clicks turning into leads? Conversion is measured in the number of content downloads, purchases or even registrations for your training... You can sort out and take a closer look at your leads and those that did not become leads to find out how many were part of your target, why they did not convert, how long it took to take action...

Cost per conversion or how much it costs to create a video for a lead

This metric allows you to know the cost of creating your videos compared to the number of leads acquired.

To calculate this, you first need to know your conversion numbers and then calculate the direct or indirect costs of creating the video. 

Here is a list of costs to add up:

  • logistical costs: the technicians who helped you, the service providers, travel...
  • material costs: if you needed to buy material specifically for the creation of the video (background, accessories...), subscriptions to software and tools, hosting platforms...
  • advertising costs: partnership with influencers, Google Ads campaign, advertising campaign on social networks...


The ROI formula

Once you have measured all your KPIs and calculated your costs, it is time to calculate the ROI using this formula:

(total gains - total costs) / total costs = ROI

Now you just have to analyze it and compare it to other figures. But don't just rely on it, you can also look at whether you have just gained awareness or improved your audience retention. 


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