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Video is one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy. But it is becoming more and more complicated to stand out. And Internet users are losing attention time: it would be about 8 seconds. So, the first 3 seconds of your video are the most important to capture attention. To help you capture the attention of your audience and generate engagement with your video content, Capté has put together a little guide.

The basis is understanding your audience. And for this, psychology is very useful. So here are a few pillars you can rely on when creating your video content.

Awakens curiosity

As mentioned above, the time attention span is short, so you have to capture and hold attention quickly. In 3 seconds.

To do this, we draw on George Loewenstein's theory of curiosity. In summary, for Loewenstein, curiosity is based on the gap between what we know and what we want to know. The fact of having missing information, of not knowing what we want to know will arouse curiosity.

Apply to the video, you need a title that makes you want to and 3 seconds at the beginning of the video which gives a condensed version of the video without all the information. The goal is that your audience only gets the information they want at the end. This allows for a longer viewing time.

Emotionally arouses

People like stories, movies... why? Because they provoke emotions in them. 

According to Harvard Business Reviews, the emotions most frequently provoked in viral content are generally positiveThese include curiosity, astonishment, interest, uncertainty and admiration.

Try to generate these emotions with your video content and you'll get more engagement. People are more likely to share something that touches them.


People like stories. The storytelling it's THE way for you to make your video an attractive content. Stories are a good way to learn, to memorize, to bring your subject and to arouse emotions. In short, nothing but advantages. Telling a story makes you more likeable and increases your client's confidence in what you are saying. 

Be authentic

Video is an opportunity to make your business human. Maybe by going behind the camera yourself?

Being transparent and authentic makes it easier for your audience to identify with what you are saying. Behind the scene" videos are very appreciated and a good way to be transparent and authentic.

The social proof

Your goal is to get your audience to trust you. So why not let someone else tell your story for you. People have more confidence with an outside opinion because the vision will be more objective.

Here you can involve your audience in the video or get help from influencers who represent your audience.

Use the FOMO

FOMO syndrome for "fear of missing out". In the digital age, we call FOMO, the fear of missing out on something important. It is especially related to social networks on which we always come back to see what's going on.

Apply to your video, you can make feel the state of emergency to view it or take action. To tap into FOMO, you can highlight in your pitch the passing of time, dwindling inventory (if you're selling a product). Tapping into FOMO will generate engagement for your videos.


Why not apply some of these tips to your next videos?

In addition to these tips, there is one thing that automatically ensures you get attention when you post video content, and that is the subtitling. You can subtitle easily, automatically and for free with our tool Capté !

Start subtitling your videos

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