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The education system is the first from which we learn. Most of us learn in part from it.

Today, with the global pandemic, the education system is being renewed, but online. A great change that should be accompanied by a new habit that allows accessibility to all, better retention of information, stimulation of memory and increases commitment and sharing: subtitles.

The subtitling is a new opportunity for learning, especially in times of social change. If you are in the educational field, you shouldn't do without it, why?

Here are the reasons.

Making accessible

Once your content is shared, it is often accessible to all. And for a long time. Putting subtitles allows you to include everyone. This way, people who are deaf and hard of hearing, people whose audio is not the native language or people watching videos without sound will be able to access your content. Subtitles are a good means of inclusion and allow you to avoid missing out on an audience.

Include subtitles directly to your educational content will let everyone know that they can view it without sound. You also have the possibility to include via a .srt. We recommend this second option especially when translating your content into several languages, as it allows you to include several subtitle files.

It should also be remembered that subtitling is recognized for help to understand the contents and to memorize them. But also to accelerate the learning of a new language.

Allowing learning alternatives

Propose the subtitling or transcription of their videos, allowing students to a learning alternative.

With Covid-19, students spend their days sitting in front of a computer watching different courses and theattention fades. By proposing a video transcription or subtitlingyou propose to your students to to rest their eyes and have the opportunity to read the lessons. In addition, a transcript or subtitling will make it easier to understand, memorize and take notes.

Finally, when you know that subtitled videos have 80 % more chances of being watched in full, subtitling becomes a good way to keep your audience's attention.

Transcribe his webinars, lectures or readings

If you transcribe your audios or videos, you have the possibility to save time when writing a written material like a PowerPoint.

You can use the transcript your registration to "pre-chew" the work for you and then cut and paste into your slides.

You can also use the transcripts tor making summaries for the students, which will help to understand of your course, training, conference... The transcript will also allow for access to your content at all times and even offline if it is in pdf format.

International content

English is the most learned language in the world. So why not translate your content in English? Thanks to tools such as Captéthat translation work is easily automated and won't waste your time for an even greater benefit.

Translating your content also means allowing it to reach a wider audience. By having your content translated you enable students around the world to to push their curiosity, their knowledge and above all their learning further and further.


Whether you are a trainer, coach, student, teacher or lecturer, subtitles are an important factor to consider when you think about creating accessible and truly global content. 

Just because there is a social distance nowadays does not mean that we can't create links. Subtitling allows for the inclusion of and a bridge between different people. Captioning increases the rate of sharing and engagement of videos. A small change like subtitling allows for big social changes. 

Capté is an online tool for subtitling, transcription and machine translation. of your video and audio content. Automation means you don't have to waste time and our editor allows you to keep control of the subtitled content.

Then don't wait any longer, Make the change and start subtitling your content now.

Start subtitling your content

In 2021, it's time to make the changes. Subtitle with Captured


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