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As you already know, video is attractive, it is the favorite content of Internet users. But it takes a long time to make and it takes a lot of time to edit. So how do you save time?

YouTubers usually spend several hours or even days to edit their videos. And the more transitions and details are worked on, the longer the editing takes.

As a content creator, you may not have that kind of time. Captured gives you 5 tips on how to edit your videos faster and save time.

1 - Planning is the key

Just as you plan the creation of your content, you can plan the creation of your video. And yes, in the movie theater we have scripts and it's not for nothing.

So we start by clarifying the intentions of the video content. You need to think about the message you want to convey and who you want to convey it to. What is the best way to do this? By answering these questions you will also learn more about how you are going to film. So if your video is going to be for YouTube, you're probably going to need good light, good sound...and a horizontal format. Whereas for an Instagram story, the set will probably be less licked and the sound of a phone microphone will be enough, but most importantly, you'll be filming vertically. And yes, each platform has different dimensions for the videos.

Planning video content also means planning the materials and resources you need. Maybe you refer to documents or images, think about them and find them beforehand. Then the planning also goes through a small script. With this script you will know what you need to say, no omissions. And you will have in mind the shots you want to shoot. Don't hesitate to detail frame by frame what you want in the final result, during the shooting you will save time.





2 - Managing your time

To save time, you have to take your time.

Take a time to turn. Prefer a day when the light is good and you have the right equipment for shooting. Shoot and edit on days when you have more freedom to do as much as you can for your content.

Divide the shooting and editing tasks over two different days. Separating these two tasks allows you to take a step back from the process of creating your video and allows you to be fully focused on each task. By being focused, you gain in productivity.


After editing your video, don't forget the step of subtitling. Some people integrate it into the editing step because it can be done by hand on editing software like Premiere Pro. However, today there are tools that automate this process such as Capture. Which brings us to our third point.

3. Technology and automation are your friends

Some tasks that involve more engagement and enable accessibility, such as captioning, take time. That's why many content creators skip them.

But more and more tools are being developed to help content creators be more productive. Time-consuming tasks such as creating a branded intro, subtitling or resizing a video for social networks can be managed automatically by technologies.

Captured, for example, will allow you to upload your final video to automatically generate subtitles. Most of it is done by voice recognition technology, you just have to go back to correct any mistakes that may have been made. Once this step is over, you can translate your subtitles into a new language. And you can even create subtitles in your own image by changing the style of the subtitle. You can export the subtitles directly to your video or in .srt.

For all color retouching, to save time, we advise you to use automatic color correction tools such as Lightroom for video.

4. Defining a brand image

When creating your video, you must not forget that you are communicating in relation to your brand / company. It is important for your audience to have consistency and continuity in the content you produce.

We wrote a blog post about it. To sum up, it's all about a logo always in the same place, your own colors or a particular visual like an intro.

In the same automation system seen above, Capture allows you to save the style you give to your subtitles to save you time and the next times to come.

5. Don't neglect SEO

The post-production work is important, but so is what follows. Once your content is formatted you can't share it like that on the web. You have to think of the best ways to share it. That means legends and alpaca titles. To do this, don't hesitate to use copywriting techniques such as AIDA, PASTOR... that you can already integrate into your video speeches.

Subtitling also plays an important role in the referencing of your video. By subtitling you integrate the keywords into your video which allows the algorithms to index it more easily. You can also use subtitles to find words to include in your description to make people want to watch your video.


Saving time in pre- and post-production is easy thanks to a good workflow. You'll understand that planning, organizing and not being afraid to automate are good ways to be more productive and to be able to edit your videos faster.

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