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Video is the preferred content of Internet users. According to Forbes, 64 % of people will make a purchase after watching a branded video. It is therefore of paramount importance for you to know how to make impactful brand videos. Videos in your image.


Why make a brand video

Making a branded video allows you toIncrease your notoriety. But it can also allow you toincrease your organic growth.

Making a video that reflects your brand is to be identifiable at any time and when someone shares your video on social networks, they unconsciously make the brand promotion.

So how do you make a quality branded video?

The intro and the outro

Firstly choose the thumbnail of your video. It must be attractive, do not hesitate to use color.

Clarify the subject of your video right from the title! The audience needs to know what they're going to watch just by reading the headline. It's the first thing they read.

The The first 3 seconds are decisive to capture the public's attention. The intent of the video has to be obvious. To do this we advise you to select a high point of your video to be highlighted followed by a small credits oruse a catchphrase. Which brings us to a not insignificant point: subtitling ! On social networks, the videos are played in auto-play and about 80% of the videos are viewed in mute mode. Adding subtitles allows you to counteract this and be heard at any time. Capté is the ideal tool for subtitling because it automates the process, allowing you to subtitle quickly and easily.

Your logo well placed and prominent

If you create a video, uhe logo of your brand must be visible at all times. from the video. Play with shadows or color to allow this. A clearly visible logo allows users to know the author of the video.

In a principle of continuity and consistency, always place your logo in the same place. Most people choose the upper right corner because the eye tends to fixate on that point.

Use your colors

You probably have one or more signature colors. Be sure to use them in your video content to create consistency with your elements like subtitles for example. Captured allows you to customize the style of your subtitles to your image. The use of your colours also allows the audience to easily identify yourself (Coca-Cola red comes to mind). But also of stand out from the crowd because the color attracts the eye so the user will be more likely to stop on a content that stands out in his feed.

The right format

Each social network has its own formats. Instagram, for example, has several formats depending on the type of video you want to make: ad, post, Igtv, story... Depending on the platform you want to use for your video and the type of video you want, you'll have to adopt the right size.


By following these tips you are more likely toincrease the viewing time of your videos, their commitment rates but also the interest to these.

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