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You post videos on Facebook but they get little exposure or engagement? We may have the solution to counter this problem. Learn how to improve your Facebook videos in 3 steps with us.

1. Add a mini teaser

At the beginning of each of your videos, add a 3 to 5 second preview of your video content. This will allow you to entice the viewer and you're going boost your viewing time performancee ! It works a bit like the trailer of a movie, you make your audience want to see your video.

For this, select highlights from your videos like key phrases for example or moments that play on emotion.

2. Prefer the vertical format

Social networks mean mobile and Facebook is often consulted on mobile phones, so the 4:5 format is your friend, think about it. You can also read our article on social network video formats for more details.

3. Don't forget to respond to comments

Interact with your community! If anyone leaves a comment, respond to it to encourage commitment. Longer comments, for example, setting out points of view, will tend to generate more engagement. Post-video work is just as importantThe work of a video doesn't stop with sharing it. It is It is important to communicate with your community to make them want to get involved. So feel free to write a short caption and ask questions related to your video to your audience. 

And above all!!

Don't forget to subtitle! A Facebook study shows that 80% of the videos are viewed on the platform in silent mode. In addition, the blue giant automatically launches the videos in autoplay when the user scrolls, adding subtitles also helps to capture attention.

For subtitle your videosIt couldn't be simpler: Capté is the perfect solution,quick and easy.


The implementation of these points should allow you to boost the commitment of your videos and the number of views! Let us know if it helped you and if it worked! 🙂

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