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Twitter has launched Twitter Fleets, a format for sharing videos. Learn how to subtitle a Twitter Fleets.

What is a Twitter fleets?

A Twitter fleet is very similar to an Instagram story. "Twitter's mission is to serve the public conversation." and therefore Twitter has set up Fleets, a new feature that allows you to express yourself more freely and easily because the content is deleted after 24 hours.

With Fleets, you can share your thoughts simply by re sharing a tweet, by sharing a photo or video or simply by writing your text.

Fleets and Subtitles

And that says video on a social network says subtitling so that everyone can be heard. You may be wondering how to subtitle a Twitter Fleets quickly and simply? Well, it's not complicated thanks to Capté.

Add your subtitles to Twitter Fleets

  1. We upload our video to https://app.capté.fr. To do so, nothing could be simpler: log in to your account or register if you haven't already done so. Then click on "Add a video" and select your video.

  2. We let voice recognition translate the audio into text...

  3. Subtitles are edited to correct any errors that may have been made.

  4. You add a style if you want to make your Twitter Fleets unique.

  5. We go export and upload our video: it's ready to be published on Twitter!

Captured is the perfect solution: quick and easy.

Start subtitling your videos now

Need to subtitle a Fleets? Do it with Captured

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