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In the year 2022, 84% of global Internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloading. When you consider that in 2021.., 61 % of global Internet traffic will be driven by the motivesSo turning to mobile video communication seems a (very) good initiative.

The advantages of video communication on mobile phones

For starters, the video is the format most appreciated by Internet users.

Then, if you broadcast your video on social networks, these are generally consulted via mobile and favour video content. 

In addition, the marketing video offers a conversion rate higher than reading a text (ex.: blog article, caption under a post...). Indeed, a video catches the eye of the Internet user and delivers a message quickly and efficiently. Be careful though, not all videos lend themselves to mobile formats, so we'll give you a few tips to get you started.

How to communicate by video on mobile?

To communicate via video on your mobile phone, you need to take several things into account. To help you see more clearly, we give you a few tips.

Adapt your video to the target and destination

Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram... are social networks but they don't work the same way and each have their own particularities. Every social network also has its target. Think first about which one is yours and therefore which is the best platform to broadcast your video. For example, for a corporate video, you will surely prefer LinkedIn. Once you know the destination platform, you will be able to think about the format of your video. On Instagram, you can for example choose to make a Reels, an Igtv, a story or a post. And each platform also has its formats in the direction of the dimensions you need to adapt to (e.g. square, vertical and horizontal...)

A short video

On mobile, you need to favour short videos of great maximum 20min. But especially very short from 3s to 5min, snackable formats. TikTok has also created a buzz with its ultra short videos of a few seconds. On mobile phones, the videos can be viewed at any time and quickly. Some platforms also integrate time limits to the videos.

But mostly subtitles

In the form of TRS file or directly inlay to your video, it is essential toadd subtitles. On mobiles, people cannot always turn on the sound, subtitles allow you to be heard by everyone. In addition, they tend to better reference your content and thus make it more visible: what advantages! And 3/4 of the social networks launch videos in auto-play, if you add subtitles, it will catch the eye of the internet user. You can subtitle easily, for free and quickly thanks to tools like Capté which uses speech recognition to automate the process of subtitling.

In conclusion

Creating a video for mobile requires a little work up front but it has its advantages. If you're targeting a young audience between 18 and 34 years old, mobile video is a great way to communicate as it's the community with the most mobile video viewing. But don't forget to adapt to the platform you want to use your video on and to add subtitles.

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