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A .SRT is a file that contains the subtitle texts and their time code.. Thanks to it you can integrate your subtitles into your video. But how do you embed the .SRT file in Premiere Pro? Captured answers you and helps you.

How to integrate your subtitles into your Premiere pro video with the .SRT file?

First of all, create your subtitles in .SRT format. To do this, you can use Captured, the speech recognition will automatically transcribe the subtitles and a .SRT file will be generated. Then you can download the .SRT file. Then on to Premiere Pro. 

Go to File > Import.

Importing your file into your chutier. Then select it and drag it into your sequence. If you used the same video, your subtitles will be automatically syncronized, and voila!

All you have to do is select your subtitles and give them the style you want!

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Displaying subtitles in Premiere Pro

But why would he inlay his subtitles with an SRT format?

The .SRT file is a text file, which means that it can be changed at any time. Useful if ever a typo has crept into your text.

The .SRT file also allows you to offer several subtitle tracks thanks to the Closed Caption. You can offer subtitles in several languages. Capté allows automatic translation in 5 languages!

The .SRT file is also freedom of style. Thanks to it, you can create subtitles with unique styles: text color, size, background... You can make a word of your subtitles bold, italic... You can even make your subtitles more dynamic, as in raw videos for example.

In conclusion

The .SRT file gives you a great deal of freedom and it is very easy to generate thanks to tools like Capté so don't hesitate, go ahead and try your hand at overlaying with Premiere pro.

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