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How to make a good vlog in 2020? The vlogging craze is spreading all over the world, even celebrities have started to get into it.

Anyone can be a blogger, but you need to follow a few tips to start your career. People often use vlogging as a routine job with a camera in front of them. In reality, to compete in the vlogging business, you have to be unique. Here are a few tips on how to become one!

Follow your passion

Following your passion is the key to success in vlogging. Be expressive, do what you love and let the world know about it. That's because when you create a vlog, you're sharing something that involves an audience with a similar passion and taste. And to engage the audience in the long run, you need to create videos about the things you love. This will show if you fake it 😳

For example :

  • If you like to travel, you can make videos while travelling to your favourite destinations;
  • If you like to play a sport, you can make videos while playing your favorite sport.
  • And this is true for all your passions such as food, tourism, decorating your house, attending an event, etc..

It's that simple: follow your passion!

The art of video editing

There are over 23 million channels on YouTube. So as a new blogger, starting a YouTube channel means you have to compete with 23 million other channels. So that's when you need some tips on how to make your channel unique.

To do this, one of the main factors that can make you stand out is knowing about video editing. So I recommend that you learn editing before you start a vlog. To do this

  • you can take some paid courses online or watch free videos on Youtube.
  • You can also follow vloggers you like famous vlogger and watch how they film their videos. Watch how they change sound effects based on actions in the video for example.
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Select a good topic

YouTube is a huge platform and millions of videos are uploaded every day. To start a vlog, you have to choose a specific topic.

Not only must you be clear on the subject you choose, but you must also have some basic knowledge of it. (For example, if you want to start a football channel, you need to know the rules of the game).

You need to think about your target audiences: their age, their interest, where they live... If you choose a topic that is too common, it will be hard to get early recognition, because millions of YouTubers are already shooting videos on these topics. 

Add subtitles

We can't tell you enough: SUBTITLES ARE ESSENTIAL. 

They're not just a fashion statement, they're essential because they give you more visibility and accessibility. Your Vlog will be watched much more if you add subtitles, and deaf and hard-of-hearing people will thank you! The worst part is that it's pretty easy to add subtitles right now. You can use the Youtube directly for example. If you are posting on social networks, we obviously recommend you to use Captéwhich will make your life easier with speech recognition. You can find more tips on adding subtitles on our blog

Regular posting is essential

Creating a successful vlog is all about posting regularly! 

Once you have selected a topic, you need to start creating videos and submitting them consistently. In particular, you should post often for the first three months after launching a vlog. If you're looking for a quick result after uploading a single video, sorry, you won't be a successful vlogger unless you're a celebrity. And even celebrities still post their vlogs. 

Focus on quality rather than quantity

There are many YouTubers who have been working for years, but have no more than a few hundred subscribers. On the other hand, there are some who have proven their popularity in a very short time.

Then why is it ? It's not that surprising. If you create quality videos, they can get success overnight. So I suggest you learn the art of storytelling and video editing before you start a vlog. You can also invest in some professional equipment. Indeed, uploading videos without focusing on quality is a waste of time.

In conclusion

I hope these vlogging tips will help you make your vlogs more unique and engaging. Remember, you can start creating vlogs on any platform, but never compromise on quality. Try to post regularly and you will start getting results in a few months.
Also try to contact the vloggers around you. You will then be able to get valuable advice! 

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