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To congratulate the graduates, our president has created his first TikTok video. Will you be the next one to go over the edge and launch yourself onto that platform? If so, here's a little guide to becoming a TikTok pro. Yes, like all social platforms, TikTok has its own codes. And believe us, if Emmanuel had read this guide, he wouldn't have made such a flop.

A short history of Tik Tok

Do you know what TikTok's target is? Generation Z those born after 1995, ages 13 - 24. And yes, it's not surprising to see his 14 year old niece dancing and playing around all day for her next video. 

TikTok, born in September 2016, is an micro-content video platform. In Europe, since 2014, the application of the which was bought by BiteDance, the publisher of Tik Tok in 2017. So Tik Tok appeared in our lives.

What's Tik Tok?

Tik Tok, this is the social network of the moment. Even politicians are starting to get involved: our president and then Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Tik Tok is like Vine's little sister. A platform of micro video content in vertical format from 15 to 60 seconds in which music is integrated. Dance, lip sync, playback, sketch, thrift flip... Tik Tok makes way for the creativity and inventiveness. The Various topics are covered and communities are created in the form of niches. The challenges are numerous and are recreated and shared. The platform regularly creates some itself.

A 2019 study by Influence Marketing Hub indicates that the engagement rate is higher than on Twitter or Instagramno matter how many followers. Today, faced with such a success of the application, Instagram has recently launched its own version of Tik Tok: Real.

Tik Tok in 3 words: Creativity, Virality and Authenticity.

How to become a TikTok pro?

Creating the profile

We're already starting with create a profile. Cause yes, we can. watch other people's videos without registering. But what we're interested in here is to make videos and for that, you need go through the registration box.

  1. Choose a nickname :

Simple, effective, easy to read and remember. If you have other social networks, try to always keep the same

2. Write your bio:

Make sure you have a bio composed of short sentences. And it clearly states what you're doing. Do you do sketches, for example? Indicate that humor is what you're going to use in your videos.

3. Add a profile photo and video

The image appears in TIkTok search and video when people land on your page.

Then he's time to upload or create your first video. Tik Tok is authenticity and creativity, so no need for a visual as polished as on Instagram.

The creation of the video

TikTok's video capture has built-in editing features. Think about your video beforehand and let's go!

This is functionalities that you might use for your future videos:

  • The registration button red and central, just hold it down to start recording your video as soon as you release it the video pauses and you can continue by creating a new sequence.
  • Acceleration and deceleration You can record your video in slow motion or increase the speed of the video with this function.
  • The timer: you can choose to record the video in short sequences of 3 to 15 seconds. 
  • The text You can add text on the videos and adjust the display time.
  • The music the heart of TikTok, you can add sound to give relief to your videos
  • Video filters As on Instagram you can add filters to all your videos to beautify them. And a 'beauty mode' can be activated for your videos in selfie mode.
  • The effects TikTok: the effects are a bit like the 3D filters found on Instagram. However, they are sorted by categories: fashion, fun, selfie, edition... Some are challenges, which makes TikTok viral. Below is the forced smile effect!

we're testing for the first one the ##sourireforce 😂😂 who had the worst reaction? ##situationsquad

♬ Billie Eilish X Matt Stefanina Remix - Jiro Morato ⍟

The edition of your masterpiece

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Once your video is shot, you have the possibility to edit it.

  • Filters add a filter to your video to embellish it
  • Adjustment of the sequences If you have created several clips, you can adjust them by cutting, shortening, replacing or deleting them. Let your editing skills run wild!
  • Voice effects If you speak in your video, you can use voice effects to distort your voice. But distorted voices are harder to hear, and subtitles created with Captured are your friends, think about it!
  • The voice-over If you have always dreamed of doing the voice-over of your life, now is the time! Thanks to the voice over, become a real pro like in documentaries.
  • The volume Do you realize that you shout a little too much in your video or that the music is too loud? No problem, you can adjust the sound volumes of the original and added sounds.
  • The effects Again, new moving filters can be added to your video, or transition effects can be added, the choice is yours.
  • The stickers Same principle as Instagram stories, you can add emojis, gifs, date... for even more fun.
  • The text You can also choose to add text after the shooting of your video in case you forget

Have fun. with the editor but try to not to be too much. The goal is to always keep it realDon't forget it!

The hashtags

Now that you've been as inventive, imaginative and creative in the shooting and post-production of your video, it's time to publish. And from make it visible : hashtags are here for that.

As on Instagram, you can set up hashtag strategies

We advise you to put at least two contextual hashtags. That is, if you are making a sewing video, you can add a little #DIY or #thriftflip. And 1 or 2 general hashtagThe central theme, therefore as #mode or #couture.

You can also choose hashtags according to trends of TikTok. If you're doing a particular challenge, don't forget that there's probably a specific hashtag.

The legend

In your legend be attractive and honest. Favour one brief text but feel free to be creative.

In conclusion

If you are a brand TikTok is very attractive but be careful to understand your audience and to understand TikTok codes. It is above all an entertainment platformDon't forget it.

When you create a video, keep in mind the 3 words of order: Authenticity, Creativity and Virality. Don't take yourself too seriously and let looseBe as inventive as you are imaginative. TikTok is full of features to showcase your talents as a director so go ahead and sign up now!

So you ready to bring in a TikTok pro?

If you're Instagram instead, we're also talking about Reels !

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