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How to improve your referencing ? With the video subtitlingof course! Video subtitles play an important role in video marketing. We will explain how adding subtitles improves SEO! 

Video subtitles have a lot to do with SEO, which they affect directly and indirectly. A direct effect is achieved by helping search engines "read" the video and better rank your content based on certain keywords. Indirectly, subtitles improve SEO by broadening video engagement, increasing video viewing time and time spent on your website. So, if you are not yet using video subtitles, this article will help you learn how exactly subtitles add value to your video marketing. And how you can easily add them to your video with Caught.

Subtitles are important for referencing videos.

Adding video subtitles improves SEO. In reality, Google (or any other search engine) is unable to look at a video. The only information it can crawl is the text associated with it (e.g. video title, description, keywords, annotations, calls to action). With subtitles, the keyword depth of your video increases. This is because your content is indexed even by keywords that do not appear in tags, titles or descriptions, but are present in subtitles.

Boost your SEO - Promote your video on the web

The video embed code is what exposes your online video directly to search engines and plays its role as a considerable SEO factor. It is this code that is ultimately important to you!

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More reasons to use subtitles

  • Adding subtitles allows you to watch a video even when the sound cannot be played. For example, while working in the office, on public transportation or late at night. Subtitles give more options to people who want to see your content at any time.
  • Subtitles are important to make your content accessible to those who cannot hear normally. In fact, according to statistics, approximately 14 % of adults between the ages of 45 and 64 have hearing problems. Of course, offering these people the opportunity to enjoy your content will be a plus for you. Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter automatically play videos without sound in the news feed. This shouldn't mean a less engaging video experience for your viewers if you use video captions. The text they can see in the video player helps them better understand your topic and motivates them to watch the full video with sound.
  • Attract foreign spectators. Make your content competitive by extending the reach of the video to more places. With video subtitles, you can translate your video in an unlimited number of languages and allow your audience to choose the one that suits them best.

Easily add subtitles with Captured

Add subtitles to your video can be very easy. If you want to use subtitles or closed captions, follow these simple steps.

Beforehand, prepare your video, make sure the editing is done, because adding subtitles is the last step! 

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Now you know that using video subtitles can increase your marketing power. Subtitles also improve the SEO of your video and make your video content competitive. Go ahead, in short adding video subtitles improves SEO in a simple way and without much manipulation on your part! Add some brilliant new subtitles to your online video and let us know how great they are by adding a link in the comments!

You want to improve your SEO?

Think of the subtitles!

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