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They are becoming more and more common: but how do you write subtitles? Today we give you the answer to this question! Web subtitles are not the same as dubbing subtitles as in movies. From the standards to be respected, to the transcript in your videos... here's everything you need to know to write them properly.

Specific standards for web subtitling :

Yes, like all fields, the subtitling follows its own rules but what are they?

  • Subtitles must fit on 2 lines maximum
  • They consist of 3 characters minimum per line and from 35 to 40 characters maximum
  • For a subtitle that is written on two lines, 70 characters maximum are recommended 
  • A subtitle has a minimum of 1s and a maximum of 10s display time
  • The subtitle starts 50 to 200 ms before the spoken wordnever after
  • If the text is on two lines, try tohave the first line shorter than the second (pyramid)
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How to write and integrate subtitles into a video?

Then there is different techniques, l’video overlay directly or the creation ofan external file, the famous .SRT

To go further, we have written a comparison of subtitling tools to allow you to find your way through the existing solutions.

But first let's take a brief look how to integrate subtitles into videos.

Let's start with the first technique: embedding in the video

To do this, you need to writing subtitles in a text strip on the videodirectly into an editing software as in PremierePro. Long and tedious process that not many people appreciate.

And now the second solution, the .SRT file:

The .SRT file is a text file composed of the subtitles with their display times. You can create it with Notepad on Microsoft Windows or TextEdit on Apple OS X.

Our simple and effective solution to overcome the other two techniques:

Opt for Capté : artificial intelligence takes care of subtitling automaticallyand then through the you edit them easily and match them perfectly with the video. Then when you are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is to export the video with subtitles or the .SRT fileas you need it ! 

The little +. you can stylize your subtitles : you can stylize your subtitles 🙂

captioning - transcription - subtitles - gif immediately clearer, b'right?

Ready to caption?

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