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So why is it important to video content production and not just pictures ? We'll explain! Today, in the era of Instagram and other social networks, visuals are omnipresent. Every word is supported by images. So yes, pictures are good, but here's the thing: videos are even better!

Some advantages of video content compared to photos:

  76 % of Internet users prefer videos to other formats

  They allow to tell a story and are conducive to storytelling

  They are more powerful than the written word 99 % of the information that reaches the brain is visual.

  1/3 of all online activities is devoted to watching video

  A quick content especially when we know that by 2021, 61 % of global Internet traffic will be generated by the motives

 The videos to be integrated on its website or share on its social networks are therefore an asset.

On social networks, video is in a nutshell:

- 6 times more likely to be re-tweeted that the photos or gif

- More highlighted by the algorithms that the photos

- A investment return (ROI for intimates) greater thanks to an high conversion rate

- A higher commitment rate : 8.29 % vs. 4.95 % for a text-only post


And on your website, the video is:

  A search engine optimization (SEO for experts)

  80 % of visitors who will view them against only 20 % that will read the content of the site

  97 % ofintent to purchase of a product if the consumer has watched a video that he or she liked about the product.

  A translation rate an average of 4.8 % for a site with video compared to only 2.9 % for a site without video



Then let it be on its website or in its content strategy on the networks, we don't hesitate to use them and, above all, to subtitle them ! Capté is also a tool created specifically for this purpose.



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