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Video has become the star of social networks, it can now be found everywhere: clips on Youtube, stories on Instagram, humorous videos on Facebook and Twitter... According to recent studies, 82% of global Internet traffic will come from broadcasting and downloading videos by 2022.

So here are 5 good tips for posting videos on social networks:

1 - A short and precise video you will create

Short formats work great on social networks (Instagram stories, videos from Raw or Konbini…). This is unfortunate, but the user has no more time. He wants to be entertained or informed quickly but qualitatively. Hubspot even advises you here on the ideal length of videos on social networks (for example for youtube = detailed videos, so rather 2 minutes, or for instagram = short videos and people, so rather an average length of 30 seconds).

2- Filming vertically you will have to

Don't forget that social network users are most often on their smartphone! Vertical video is essential and even if it comes from the selfie culture, it also offers great artistic possibilities (you can get inspiration from the great videos posted on the application). Verticalor on QuibiThe Nextflix in vertical format). The square format video is also appreciated. However, this does not mean that you should abandon the landscape format. It's all a question of dosage: you have to adapt to the targeted social networks.

3- A video (almost) worthy of Scorsese you will produce

Just because your video is intended for social networks and not for the cinema doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay great attention to the quality of the image and sound. For a stable video, you can invest in a tripod for a smartphone; and for the viewers to hear clearly, you can get an external microphone.

4- Include subtitles you won't forget

Even if you have to rely on quality sound for your video, "85% videos on facebook are watched without sound”. So what are you waiting for to increase the engagement of your Internet users? Youtube and Facebook offer tools to subtitle your videosbut they're not always easy to use. Otherwise, there are CaptéOur simple and effective tool for embedding subtitles in a video. Then all you have to do is post it on social networks and wait for the likes! 👍

85% videos on facebook are watched without sound

5- Interaction with the Internet users you will use

Whether your video is fun or educational, whether it carries a strong message or not, the goal is that it is relayed as much as possible by Internet users! Don't hesitate to propose a playful content, or to organize contests ("share your best croque-monsieur"). Humor is also an essential element that works every time and allows you to create a link with the user, and a capital sympathy!

And don't forget to add a call to action at the end of your video: "subscribe to our channel", "enter the contest", "like our page"...

There, your videos are now ready to be published on social networks! 

Add subtitles

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