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In the creation of content, every minute is precious and sometimes in the same day you have to produce: an Instagram reel, a TikTok video, an interview on Youtube and a teaser on LinkedIn. 
So in this race for productivity, finding efficient and fast tools in the creation process is essential. 
We will see here how to simplify it with the addition of subtitles which will have the advantage of bringing in addition a better visibility to your contents.

Subtitles can offer a significant time-saving advantage when producing content for social networks. They allow the message to be conveyed in a short amount of time, without sacrificing quality or clarity, while being easily shared across different online channels.


How do subtitles improve the visibility of your content?

Here is a summary of the benefits of adding subtitles to videos: 

Here's how subtitles can improve the visibility of your content:

  1. They allow a better understanding for a wider audience, including those who cannot hear the sound.

  2. They allow the message to be conveyed in a short time without sacrificing quality or clarity.

  3. They are easily shared on different online channels.

  4. They improve SEO by providing additional text for search engines.

Arguments that should clearly make you want to do it.

An example of saving time when creating content

Let's take a concrete example. 

You have just shot a Youtube video and you are ready to share it online.
You had the good idea to go through Capté to create subtitles quickly on the video and even have the subtitle file SRT except to add it on Youtube when uploading the video.
And now what life for this content? And especially how to create more from it.
You have the answer on your eyes. 
The file SRT is nothing more or less than your foundation for what comes next. It's a perfect summary for a blog post, a brief for a shorter video elsewhere, basic tweets of highlights or even translating the whole thing to increase the video's reach.

Because yes, you can translate your subtitles with Capté. In more than ten languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese...

Content is always recycled, it is called repurposewe just talk about it here.

And add subtitles is never a bad idea, it is even, as you will have understood from what we said above, the basis for a good strategy afterwards. 
And with Capté, it's quick and easy.
Compare our plans before taking the plunge.
You even have a 7-day trial period to test!

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