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The Repurpose or Repurposing Content is a technique that consists in reusing an existing content by modifying it or broadcasting it on different channels to reach new audiences. This allows to maximize the reach of a content by reposting it on different media such as a blog post, an infographic, a LinkedIn post, a Youtube video or TikTok. Repurposing is an effective practice to improve the Brand Content strategy of a brand.

It can also be used to update old content and redistribute it on the same channel.

How the Repurpose intervenes in the different stages of the buying journey.

The buying journey can be summarized in three main sections: awareness, consideration and purchase.
It is therefore quite logical that the proposed content should be adapted to users according to their place on the journey. And that's where the repurpose comes in.
Awareness At this stage, the potential future user is not ready to read long blog articles or Youtube videos, he just wants some key information about your product.
Consideration Your brand awareness starts to generate interest, the potential user is curious about the features you offer by looking at specific pages on your site, infographics on LinkedIn or the transcript of a podcast you participated in.
Purchase: At this stage the visitor becomes a customer, so he will finalize his desire to contact you by reading articles from your blog, comparisons of your product or by viewing your latest TikTok videos.

The common point to all this is the Repurpose. The basic content is recycled, transformed and adapted according to the appropriate platforms. 
It is even possible to update old content to fit into this scheme.

Content is never lost

Imagine the classic case: you spent the day writing a script for a video Youtube of 10mn. The shooting happens, the video is ready, it is published on the platform but the views do not take off. It's a disappointment.
But with repurposing you have to look at it differently. You have a very high quality content that now simply needs to be repurposed in other forms. Take clips from the video and make them into Instagram Reala series of several videos on TikTok, or save the essentials to make an infographic to share on Pinterest or as a carousel on LinkedIn.
Better yet, take your SRT subtitle file and use it to write a blog post with.
The channel you chose in the first place may not have been the right one, but it's time for a new approach, you've done the hardest part by creating the original content.

Be present, everywhere, at the same time

The number one piece of advice we read everywhere: you have to be present on all channels, all social networks, all the time. That's true, but the difficulty is finding the right content for each space.
With repurposed content, there's no need to think about the content rather than the form. A single quality content can be declined into a dozen of high quality contents also on all platforms. Going from Instagram to TikTok, from WordPress to Twitter or from Youtube to Spotify must become a habit.

By "repurposing" your content, you can focus on a specific topic and highlight your expertise. This can improve your credibility with your audience and enhance your reputation as a reference source.

Seeing bigger, further

The repurpose will therefore allow you to extend your field of action and reach new targets.
Better yet, it could allow people who already know you in other ways to discover your brand from a new angle or to learn more about one of your features.
It is also an opportunity to offer content with different learning levels. 
Your Youtube Shorts is ideal to watch between meetings while the original podcast that was used to make these Shorts can be listened to on the road or on the way to the gym. 
One content, many ways to discover it.

It's clear that repurposing is an effective tool for improving your content marketing strategy without exhausting yourself by constantly searching for new ideas. Constantly publishing can increase your workload, while repurposing your existing content can reduce it while making it more effective. So why not get started?

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