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You have videos in language Spanish but you don't know how to translate them and add subtitles on it?
And how can you be sure that the quality is there?
No need to wait any longer, we give you the solution below.

The importance of good translation in transcription

It is important to have a good translation when transcribing because it allows for accurate and complete understanding of the original content. Inappropriate or inaccurate translation can lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretation of information. In addition, a good translation can also provide better understanding for people who do not speak the original language.
And as a reminder a transcription is: the process of translating an audio or video recording into a written document (text). It can be the transcription of a conversation, a speech, a meeting, an interview, a presentation, etc. Transcriptions can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating subtitles for videos, transcribing lectures for the hearing impaired, creating meeting minutes, analyzing data for research, etc. 

And what interests us here is: the translation and creation of subtitles.

How does translation and transcription work with Capté?

Capté it's the easiest tool to translate videos and add subtitles.

Our artificial intelligence uses speech recognition to analyze the audio of your video and automatically generate the transcription and subtitles that go with it.

The system uses machine learning models to predict the most likely words and uses them to transcribe the text.

There may be errors in the automatic transcriptionFor this reason, it is usually necessary to proofread and correct the transcription to eliminate errors and improve accuracy.
It's very simple with our interactive and fun editor.
At this stage, your transcript is in the original language of your video, it is time to move on to the translation. And in our case, to go from a text in the language of Pedro Almodóvar to the language of your choice.
With the tab "translate"You will be able to translate your text instantly into more than a dozen languages. It's as simple as that and all you have to do is export your video with embedded subtitles or retrieve your translated subtitle file.

Let me get this straight:

  1.  Go to Capté

  2. Create an account in a few seconds for free

  3. Add a new video to your account

  4. Choice of the original language (here in Spanish)

  5. Video processing by artificial intelligence

  6. Transcription automatic

  7. Some corrections in the subtitle editor 

  8. Translation into the desired language. (Discover our plans adapted to your needs)

  9. Export of the video or/and a subtitle file

  10. Bueno!

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