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In 2023, there will be nearly 2 billion users who will use TikTok around the world, comfortably taking second place among the most used social networks behind Facebook.
And who says TikTok, says video and who says video says Subtitles and who says Subtitles? Dit Capté, the easiest tool for subtitling when you are not a pro. 
So how well add subtitles on TikTok on all your videosThis is what we will see right away! We will look together at the rules to respect, the techniques hidden to boost your publications but above all why do it!

How did TikTok turn video into a must-have medium?

TikTok in less than 2-3 years has become the network that you can't miss when you create content. How to find your way around in details, we had made a very detailed article on it here.
Short, punchy content combined with an immersive interface have made the consumption of 10/15 second videos the norm to the point of being caught up in this uninterrupted thread of videos sometimes for very, very long minutes.

And in this feed, the videos that we don't skip are those with subtitles. Because more than ever a feed filled to 100% with videos, there is a very high chance that we watch it in mute, hence the interest of subtitles.
And this is where Capté comes into play!
And yes, because TikTokas Instagram does not accept SRT filesThese famous subtitle files. It is therefore necessary to integrate the subtitles directly into the video before publishing it on the network.
Of course, it is possible to do it directly in TikTok, but the transcription is not excellent and the time to correct the errors and adjust the text, you'll be able to do it more quickly with Captured.

How to add subtitles on TikTok with Capté?

  1. All you have to do is create a free account and import a video. Thanks to voice recognition, the artificial intelligence automatically transcribes the audio into subtitles.

  2. When it is done, in 2-3 minutes maximum, you have to read the subtitlingThere are always a few things to correct, a proper name, a capital letter, but nothing too serious.

  3. Then we can style the subtitle, important for TikTok the style. We have a lot of options, size, height, outline of the font. With, without outline. With the possibility of saving the theme for other videos.

  4. Now it's ready, you just have to export the video and publish it on TikTok.

Why use Capté?

Captured, it's fast, simple and effective.
There is also the possibility to translate the videos into more than ten languages. Perfect to shine in the whole world on TikTok!
By taking a subscription on Capté is the certainty to increase the potential of videos tenfold. More visible, more accessible, more viral.

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