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Nicolas Caron is the author of the Sales TrilogyThis is a collection of his 3 bestsellers: Stand Up and Sell, Stand Up and Prospect and Stand Up and Negotiate. 

He is a regular speaker at conferences for sales people and sales managers.

Nicolas is also what we call a "power user" of Capté. He uses our tool on a daily basis in his business. 
In effect since 2022, Nicolas also publishes videos on business posture and has chosen Capté to make the subtitles.

We asked him why he uses Capture?

I use Capté systematically. I particularly appreciate the simplicity of use.

Adjustments and text editing are easy to do (even for a boomer).

I also appreciate being able to export the final text to reuse it on my site in addition to the videos.

In short, for me, it is a "no-brainer".

An example of Nicolas' video with captions of course:To view other videos of Nicolas.

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