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Many videos published on the net are accompanied by subtitles. These subtitles offer a number of advantages for both the video editor and the viewer. The subtitling is sometimes achieved through files SRT.


SRT file: what is it?

To place subtitles in a video, you have two options: either you embed them directly in the movie or you use SRT files.

In the first case, we perform what is called "burn-in". The subtitles are encoded, i.e. they make integral part of the video. With this solution, modifications are more time-consuming, because it is necessary to go back and forth in the editing software. In addition, it requires importing the entire video each time. It is also not possible to play the video without subtitles.

In the second case, it is possible to add or remove subtitles as you wish, because they are coded. The SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) file contains both transcribed text and timecodes. For each subtitle, the timecode (i.e. the display time) is displayed. This file has the advantage of being able to be read by the video players of social networks. It is in this type of file that we insert the subtitles before synchronizing them with the video.

Thanks to the SRT file, when the sound is cut on a video posted on social networks, the subtitles appear automatically. To remove them, you just have to put the sound back on the video. Unlike hard-coded subtitles, editing is easier with this method, as you don't have to go back into the video editing software every time.


Why choose closed captions?

Engraved or hard-coded subtitles are increasingly giving way to closed captioning. There are several reasons for this craze:

  • the SRT file is light and simple to create;
  • it is possible to offer subtitles in different languages for a single video, depending on the needs of the users; 
  • no need to reload the whole video to correct the subtitles;
  • the encoded file is readable by most media players.


Better visibility thanks to subtitled videos

Using subtitles for your videos, i.e. SRT files, has various advantages:

  • you can make your videos more accessible to a larger number of people, even the hearing impaired;
  • you can offer content in several languages;
  • your videos will be accessible at any time, even without sound, people can continue to follow them by reading the subtitles;
  • you can improve your SEO, the subtitles of your videos are always indexed by Google.

With SRT files, you have the advantage of having control over your subtitles. You can correct and modify them at will. This is not always the case with transcription software, which does not always offer quality rendering.


Captured: to easily include SRT files in your videos

Without necessarily being comfortable with the technology, you can use an SRT file to automatically set up subtitling for your videos. Powerful tools, like Capté, allow you to quickly create and integrate subtitles to your videosor to translate them.

Usually closed captioned files require some manipulation on social networks when the sound is muted. With Captured, your video is quickly available for social networks with its subtitles. You just have to upload them with embedded subtitles and SRT files to publish them on your pages.

The use of the software is relatively simple. For assemble a video and an SRT fileSimply upload the movie, import the corresponding encoded file and export the video once the subtitles are linked. With Capté, you can make changes to your files without the risk of losing the work already done. This tool saves you both time and money. This is especially useful if you need to subtitle several videos on a regular basis.

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