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Want to keep a written record of your lectures? Great idea! It is a good way to reach a large audience. This article presents the different solutions you can consider to efficiently transcribe your conferences.


The advantages of transcribing a conference

In the ultra-competitive world of the web, the advantages of a good transcript of his conference are numerous. Here are some of the most important:


Conference transcripts: reaching a wider audience

If you work in an institution or in the media, you will probably have conferences to attend. Or you may be the organizer yourself. In either case, you may want to record the conference so you can broadcast it. This can be a audio or video recording.

But an audio or video recording of a conference is often not enough to impact a large audience. If you want to make the conference accessible to a wide audience, you will need to transcribe your recording into text. This will allow the conference to reach : 

  • Internet users who prefer to read rather than watch a video or listen to an audio.
  • The deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Students and teachers looking for good written material.

Conference transcription: to improve your natural referencing

Natural referencing is also another important issue of the transcript of a conference. Indeed, if you host your audio or video in a website, having an SEO optimized text is a considerable asset. The power of your reference will be greatly increased with a text content with the right keywords. 

Conference transcription: for a better return on investment

When you invite a keynote speaker to your conference, you should expect to pay a large fee. This is a well-known fact in the professional world. That's why it's hard to keep a good return on your investment with only registrations to your conference.

In transcribing your conferenceThis return on investment increases. Indeed, your text will be able to reach potential prospects coming from several sectors. Thanks to a good referencing, they will also find your video more easily.

What are the possible solutions for conference transcription?

Let's see what solutions are available to transcribe the audio or video recording of your conference. 


Transcribe the conference yourself

This is often a difficult task without the help of an assistant. This method does not cost you any money, but you will invest a lot of time. Large companies can sometimes temporarily hire some of their human resources to do the task faster (and leave other activities on hold during this time). Also, it becomes more difficult if you lack experience in the audio transcription.

For small meetings, the conference transcript manual is often possible. However, for conferences lasting several hours, we advise you to use other solutions.


Use automatic audio transcription software

The software of audio transcription use an automatic voice recognition technology. The artificial intelligence will generate a text based on the audio. The downside is that the transcription of these tools is often not very reliable. You will still have a lot of correctionsonce the text is generated by the software.


Captured: an automatic video conference transcription tool

Captured is an online application to transcribe automatically from the videos. Its greatest asset is the simplicity of the operations to be performed. You will have a transcription in three simple steps:

  • You download the video.
  • You let the AI generate the automatic subtitles.
  • You make any necessary corrections.

Unlike traditional audio transcription software, the corrections to be made will not be time consuming. Capté's artificial intelligence is one of the most reliable in existence.

Once the texts are produced, Capté allows you to extract a text file containing the subtitles. After that, all you have to do is publish the content on your site.


What if it is an audio recording?

Captured being a tool of video subtitlingYou may be wondering how to use it to transcribe an audio recording?

The solution is to first use an editing program to create a video containing the audio. You can just associate a single image with your audio. Then you upload your video to Capté and benefit from automatic subtitles.

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