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Subtitling your YouTube videos will allow you to:

  • attract the attention of your audience, even those who do not speak your language,

  • to improve your referencing,

  • to save time and money.

Videos with subtitles get a higher Watch Time than videos without subtitles.

How to put subtitles on your YouTube videos? For more information, you've come to the right place!

Go to YouTube Studio to subtitle your videos

To learn how subtitle a YouTube videoone solution is to familiarize yourself with the YouTube Studio tool. To use it :

  •   Log in to your YouTube channel. The YouTube Studio tool opens by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner,

  •   Once in YouTube Studio, you will see a menu on the left. Click on "subtitles",

  •   The videos in your channel will be displayed. Select the one you want to subtitle,

  •   You will be asked to choose a language,

  •   Validate your choice by clicking on "Add".

From there, you will choose between three options:

  •   Enter your subtitles manually,

  •   Use automatic synchronization,

  •   Import a file.

Manual entry:

This option allows you towrite your own subtitles without the help of a text file to import. To do this, open your YouTube Studio tool, and follow the steps below:

  •   After validating your choice by clicking on "add", choose the option "enter manually",

  •   You will be redirected to a new window where you can manually write your texts and specify when they should appear,

  •   To add a new subtitle line, press the plus icon (+),

  •   Once you have written your texts, click on "publish" in the upper right-hand corner.

You now know how caption a video manually. Note that it is always possible to modify your subtitles once published.

Importing a :

This is the option that allows you toimport a file containing your subtitles. Here are the steps to get there:

  •   Choose "import a file" when all three options in subtitling will be offered to you,

  •   You will be asked to choose between "with synchronization data" and "without synchronization data",

  •   Press "continue" and select the file to import,

  •   Click on save.

Automatic synchronization:

 "Automatic synchronization" is simply a more technical term for "automatic subtitles". It is based on a voice recognition technology. It is an interesting alternative for those who are looking for how to subtitle an iMovie video, for example.

Here is how to add automatic subtitles:

  •   Go to YouTube Studio and click on "subtitle",

  •   Select the video you want to subtitle,

  •   Select a language,

  •   Among the three options available to you, choose "automatic synchronization".

Note: The YouTube platform informs YouTube Studio users that the automatic subtitles generated may contain significant errors. The fidelity of the audio texts can be compromised by background noise, dialects, pronunciation errors and accents. Therefore, it is recommended to check automatic subtitles and to correct incorrectly transcribed sentences.

Captured: a much simpler solution to subtitle your YouTube videos

You may be discouraged by the complexity of the steps involved in YouTube Studio and wonder if you'll have time for all of this. Luckily, you don't, Capté has made subtitling ultra simple :

  •   Import and export of files is done in a few clicks,

  •   the interface has been designed to make editing and modifying texts much faster.

You will be able to focus more on your core business.

For those who wonder how to embed subtitles in an MP4 videoThe steps to follow on Captured are also simple. It is the same process for all formats:

  •   you upload the video,

  •   the AI gives you automatic subtitles,

  •   you then edit the generated subtitles.

In addition to this, Capté also has the advantage of being one of the most advanced automatic subtitling tools. cheapest on the market. His ratesfor both freelancers and professionals, are very interesting.

How to caption a YouTube video: in brief

To put subtitles on a YouTube video, the classic method is to use YouTube Studio, but the steps can be tedious and time consuming. Captured made the task of subtitling much simpler and faster thanks to an easy to use and intuitive interface. Do not hesitate to discover the tool!

Here we go, I start subtitling

Subtitle easily and efficiently

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