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The subtitles on social networks it's only profit! The videos are more and more present and subtitling becomes child's play thanks to tools like Capté then it's time to get started. And if you don't agree then here are 5 reasons why.

1. Accessibility

There are approximately 6 million deaf and hard of hearing people in France and about 37.5 in the United States. And these people can't fully understand your video if you don't add subtitles. So it's your duty to make your content accessible!

2. The scope

About 80% of videos on Facebook are viewed in silent mode. And 3/4 of the social networking platforms launch silent auto play videos while scrolling. Add subtitles on social networks allows toattract the attention of Internet users and power increase your visibility. More subtitles means more reach!

3. Internationalization

The most spoken language in the world is English with 1.268 billion people and the second is Mandarin with 1.120 billion people. But you may not speak these languages. Luckily, you don't, the translation is here for you!

Subtitle translation is less expensive than dubbing or creating a new video in the desired language. Translating your content allows you to reach a larger audience.

Capté offers you the automatic translation of your subtitles in more than 10 languages including English and Mandarin. You don't need to know how to speak a language to reach the international, subtitles are there for that.

4. The commitment

Subtitles = commitment!

According to one study subtitled videos are more likely to be viewed to the end than non-subtitled videos ( 91% vs 66% ). And the subtitled videos receive 17% of more positive feedback (likes, comments...) than others! And it's a virtuous circle because the more engagement you have on social networks, the more visibility you gainhehe. The subtitles are a really good plan.

5. The capacity for discovery

And yes, this virtuous circle is also to have a greater capacity for discovery

And this discovery capacity is increased tenfold by the fact that search engines index videos with subtitles. Search engines cannot use audio to reference content, which is why the subtitling becomes useful. Subtitling is text and it integrates the keywords of your video, perfect for better SEO ! And if you are better referenced, you gain visibility and that's great for your business and more people discover you.

I hope I've convinced you to subtitle your video content! And if you need to create subtitles, you can use Capté. Captured is the tool made for allCapté is a web application that allows anyone to subtitle their content and make it accessible. Capté is a web application that allows you to easily and automatically subtitle all your videos. You can try it now for free!

Need subtitling for social networks?

Subtitles automatically thanks to Capté !

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