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Who hasn't pulled out their phone while waiting in line? Social networks are a source of entertainment. They have understood this and have started to favor videos more and more. That's why today, you need to subtitle! The subtitling on social networks has become essential with autoplay.

Is auto-play a genius idea?

The auto-play made it possible to launch videos automatically. And to increase, consequently, the number of views and the duration of viewing of the latter.

But here is the problem to capture the attention of the audience, it gets complicated. Because auto-play is the launching of videos in silent mode. Yes, because otherwise the sound can surprise and annoy the listener. There is only one solution: subtitles! 

Videos, the most popular content on social networks

It all started with social networks when Facebook launched autoplay. Today, it is still Facebook that has invested the world of video but this time through Instagram with stories, IGTVs and now Reels. And of course, Twitter or Linkedin are not far behind. And autoplay is still a process used.

You'll understand, video is a format that is difficult to do without. And for good reason, audiences are fond of it.

But how to subtitle a video?

Then you think, ok subtitle but :

  1. I have never done it
  2. I don't have the budget
  3. I don't have the time

And between us, none of these excuses are valid. I'll tell you why, it's all in one word: Capté ! Captured is the tool for you.

Got it, do you have capté?

Capté is a web application that allows you to automatic subtitlingquickly and easily your videos. The tool is designed for all people who want to caption a video. No experience neededThe interface is simple and intuitive. Even your grandparents can subtitle with it.

How does it work? We use voice recognition. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the audio of your video is automatically transcribed into subtitles. Then you can edit your subtitles with a very simple editor. It's like Word or Google Docs, it's a breeze. Then, if you want to give some style to your subtitles, don't worry, you can do that too, we've thought about it. You can even translate your subtitles automatically, if needed. And finally, you can export your subtitles in two formats: .srt file or directly your video with embedded subtitles!

The multiple benefits of subtitling on social networks

Subtitling is therefore essential on social networks. It is estimated that 80% videos are viewed without sound.

But subtitles also have other advantages :

  • it boosts your visibility : +12%
  • your subtitled posts will be shared more than others
  • your content will be better referenced
  • you make your content accessible to everyone 

In conclusion, it is never too late to start subtitling, try it now with Capté!

Need to subtitle videos for social networks?

Do it automatically with Captured

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