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You've probably already seen advice videos on Instagram in the form of Reels. Reels are becoming more and more common and are a great way to gain visibility. Learn how to create video tips via Reels to incorporate Reels into your marketing strategy.

How to create video tips in Reels

Videos are popular on social networks and specifically those of advice. You've probably already seen this type of content via Reels. It's a one of the most popular types of Reels Easy to make, easy to memorize, but most of all useful, it has it all. In addition, the Advice Reels allow you to assert yourself as an expert in your field.

So here is a 6 point guide to creating a video advice in the form of Reels.

1 - Choose your theme

What do you want to cover in your Reels? Make sure the advice you want to give is specific to your niche and simple to understand. To choose your subject and your advice, put yourself in the shoes of your target.

2 - Create your video

The interface of Reels is quite similar to the one of Tik-Tok. It allows you to upload your video already created or to make it directly on the application. From Reels, you can add audio, video effects, manage the speed, add text... By creating a video from the Reels feature, you will have much more flexibility, we recommend this option.

3 - Optimize your video

The strength of the Reels is the simplicity of editing videos.

And we strongly advise you to subtitle your Reels or simply use the text to allow everyone to understand your visual without the sound. In the advice videos, the text is also often used in rhythm with the music to give the advice: simple, fast and effective.

Here are two examples:

4 - Write down your advice

As noted in the previous points, you can add content to your videos like stickers, text, drawings... 

When you make a video advice, write your tips with the text feature to allow your audience to identify them instantly.

5 - Choose a cover image

Once your video is finished, it's time to share it by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right. You have the possibility to choose a thumbnail. Drag your finger along the video to select an image. 

We advise you to take an image in the beginning of the video. And to make this cover attractive, you can spice it up with gifs, stickers, text in title... In fact when you create your video, at the beginning of your video, you leave some time to put a title and content in anticipation of the thumbnail. Otherwise you can also upload a previously created image.

Examples include: 

capture - transcription - subtitles - reels marieggch

6 - Share your video

The final step is the caption. Just like on a standard Instagram post, there is a limit of 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags. You can choose at this time to make the Reels appear in your post feed, which we advise you to gain even more visibility! So check that the cursor is open on "Make appear also in my feed" and the trick is done 😉

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