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WordPress has added a feature to be able to subtitle all your videos. And even those that are already on your site and all this thanks to the subtitle file! Capté offers you to take a closer look at this.

Subtitle files

There are several kinds of subtitle files: .srtThe best known are the .sub and .srt which are used for the subtitling DVD movies. 

Subtitle files are external files that are added to videos. They allow you to either integrate subtitles directly into a video or to make Closed Captions (CC), i.e. to be able to give the audience the possibility to activate or deactivate the subtitles at any time and to be able to select the subtitle track. So you can add several different .srt files to the same video. This is what makes it possible, for example, to offer several languages and thus to make your video content accessible to all.

How to create a .srt file

Creating an .srt file is a breeze with Capté! Indeed, you just have to upload your video on app.getcapte.com. The artificial intelligence automatically transcribes the audio into subtitles. Then, it's your turn to change any small mistakes that may have been made. Once you are convinced of the transcript you can proceed to the export. Just click on the "File .srt" button and you're done. 

Adding the subtitle file to your video on WordPress

Once you have created your subtitle file, all you have to do is go to WordPress.

You upload your video and when you go to it, a pencil icon appears to indicate the editing mode, just click on it. A window appears and in the left column is " add subtitles ". Click on it and add your subtitle file. Your video now has closed captions, to see the subtitles appear, click on CC and voilà! You can see the process in the video below.

With this system, you can add new subtitles or correct them at any time!

Subtitling is a plus for your videos because it allows accessibility to all and also a better referencing. You can start to automatic subtitling and easily now with Capté.

Create your subtitle file with Capté

Automatically create your subtitle file with Capté!

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