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Who are the youtubers to follow in 2020? As professionals of social networks and Youtube, you could not escape EnjoyPhoenix, Squeezie or Norman... Today, we went to find the less famous but equally interesting youtubers. To follow without limitation in 2020. 

The most lifestyle youtubers : Rusmin

Rubi and her twin sister, Yasmin, are the creators of the brand RUSMIN specialized in upcycling (= ecological approach which consists in recovering materials more used to make a garment or an accessory). At the same time, Rubi and Yasmin are very active on Instagram and YouTube. They give great advice on how to make your own clothes. We also love their shopping trips, where they always bring back original clothes for a very low price. 

The most gamer youtubeur : The Attic Player

If you're a gamer at heart and you don't know Fred yet, just run to YouTube to watch his videos !

This video game enthusiast will plunge you back into retro games often known for their poor quality or difficulty. And always with humour! 

The most tasty youtubeur: FRÉDÉRIC JEAN

Frédéric Jean is the youtubeur kitchen that we love! His recipes are easy, affordable and delicious. We can spot him by the challenges he imposes on himself and which also allow his public to eat differently. Among these, we can mention: "eat for 1€ per meal" or "a day without cooking your food". 

The most wtf youtubers: The world upside down

The world upside down is the Jenny & Valentine's chain. They make hilarious videos that can be parodies, sketches, short films...

Their videos feature different characters living in the same world as ours, but 180 degrees apart. Our earth has been turned upside down, so life is parodied!

The most coquettish youtubeur : Winslegue

Of course, we love youtubeuse beauty videos. But unfortunately, they don't always answer the questions of the male population. However, men also need beauty advice. Fortunately, they have Winsleguea clever youtuber for men! How to cut his beard, his hair, to take care of his baldness... ? Winslegue answers easily to the questions that men ask themselves. Thank you. 

Most of his youtubers are thinking of add subtitles to their videos. This increases their visibility and helps them to be understood by deaf and hard of hearing people. 

Adding subtitles sometimes seems complex and boring. But Captured revolutionizes the subtitling to make it accessible to all

And if you still have doubts, our articles help you to get over the hump

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