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Since 2021, Instagram launched the possibility of adding subtitles automatically in English-speaking countries. A few months later, it is in France that the option arrived. So, we can wonder how caption a real Instagram

Let's look at it together:

First of all, an actual on Instagram is a short video, a la TikTok. This system of short videos allows you to develop a snack content strategy for your business. The user consumes this type of video without stopping and during break times in his day. He can watch your video in public transport for example. The inscription of subtitles on your videos is therefore essential!

Follow the steps to caption an actual Instagram:

Go to your Instagram profile

First, we need to:

  • click on the burger menu at the top right (the 3 small lines),

  • then in parameters,

  • account,

  • and finally tous-titles.

  • You just have to check the activation of the functionality to have the possibility to generate or to activate subtitles.

This option will allow you to view stories, videos and real with subtitles when the author of the video has enabled this feature. You will have to click on the 3 dots of the video and then on "generate subtitles".

The result can be random or disappointing, but that's why we're going to see how, as the creator of the video, you can create your subtitles properly.

Adding subtitles with Captured

Automatic subtitles not yet available in France

The option that allows you to add subtitles directly with the stickers option of Instagram is not yet available in France. So how do you do it? The solution it's Capté. Our web application allows you to automatic subtitling all your videos and add subtitles like Konbini.

The solution with Capté

  • First step, go to getcapte.com. Once connected, you must add your real in the gallery of videos. Then, artificial intelligence automatically does its transcription work.

  • When it's finished, the subtitles appear as if by magic. All that's left to do is to edit them if there are any errors.

  • Everything is perfectly synchronizedYou don't need to touch the timing. But if needed, it is possible to make some adjustments.

  • Then, go to the style tab to place a little higher the subtitles so that they are visible at any time on Instagram. There, it is also possible to customize the typography or even the color. Our advice here : a colored text on a white background, to stick to the Instagram aesthetic. 

Finally, you just have to click on the export tab to export the video and once the video is ready, you just have to share the real on Instagram.

The advantages of a real movie with subtitles

Subtitles allow you to render a content accessible to allThis means that it is available to deaf and hard of hearing people as well as to people who do not have the possibility to activate the sound when they look at their Instagram feed. 

And yes, because according to several studies, 80% is the rate of people who view videos in silent mode. So by putting subtitles, the content becomes accessible and you gain visibility. 

Moreover, many content creators or trainers such as Antoine BM, Marketing Mania and many others add and praise the merits of subtitling.

So with Capté it is the assurance of a easier subtitling and allows a better visibility to all your videos.

Captured is on Youtube

And to learn more about "how subtitle real Instagram" and also many other tips and advice, go to our Youtube channel where we regularly share our tips. You can learn how to subtitle your YouTube videos.

Here we go, I start subtitling

Subtitle easily and efficiently

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