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LinkedIn is the social network of professionals. Almost everyone has an account from the student to the company. Same concept as Facebook but at the professional level, LinkedIn allows you to share posts: photos, videos, polls and even stories. But how to perform on the social network?

Start by understanding the algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm shares first the publications in a small circle...most often your relationships. And then.., greater commitment (reactions and comments) and the more time people spend on it, the more visible it will be

If the interaction rate is low, the post will become less visible.

Getting started and being consistent

But first and foremost, one should not hesitate to take the plunge. Don't wait until you have the perfect post before publishing it either, otherwise you'll never get started. Once it's up and running, try to be consistentThis routine will allow you to be more easily visible but also to create content more easily.

In addition, getting started allows you to test what works and what doesn't so that you can then improve yourself.

Personal branding

When sharing a publication, keep in mind that LinkedIn is first and foremost in a personal branding strategy.. It is therefore sometimes better to talk about your company via your personal account than the one on the company page.

Copywriting, the secret to really performing on LinkedIn

Copywriting is writing that promotes a product, a company, a person...And applied to LinkedIn, it's what will allow you to promote your post, make people want to read your publication or even go further by clicking on the link you shared. So you're going to write to be read.

Start with a catchphrase to attract attention, it can be a request for an opinion, a fact or just the announcement of the subject. The catchphrase is written on 2 to 3 lines.

Then for the body of the post, you can follow marketing models AIDA or NOT to write good copywriting and generate interest in your publication.

And always end with a call to action. that will elicit commitment (likes or dislikes).

Avoid external links and too much sharing

LinkedIn wants its users to stay on its platform as long as possible, avoid redirecting your posts too much to external links.

Likewise, the social network is going to prefer people who create publications rather than people who share them. So encourage native posts.


We advise you this discussion between Yoann Lopez (the CMO of Comet.co) and Grégoire Gambatt (the CEO of Germinal) who talks about how to use LinkedIn for your business.

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