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Instagram Reels is a bit of a the equivalent of TikTok. This makes it possible to create multi video clips on Instagram. The maximum duration of a Reels is 15s. You can haveaudio, music, stickers or text.

But how can we use Reels for his business?

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What's the point of Reels?

Reels is a new way to create creative, fun and engaging video content. Reels will allow you to maintain and solidify the relationship with your audience. 

With its entertaining videos, Reels allows you authenticity. Reels is Instagram's answer to the popular TikTok platformThat's why you'll find it can be really similar.

This feature can increase visibility and commitmentThat's why you should not hesitate to use Reels for your business!

How do I create a Reels?

To do this, go to the top left of your application, point to the camera, then choose the Reels mode at the bottom.

captioning - transcription - subtitles - instagram reels
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Then, go ahead, film yourself (bottom center button) and add audio or visual effects, change the speed or set a timer to film yourself "hands-free" (icons on the left side). Then, edit your clips, combine them, add text or stickers, let your creativity run free! 

Running out of ideas? Continue reading this article: Capté offers videos applicable to your work.

Filming "How to / Behind the scenes"

Reels can help you show what goes on behind the scenes. How do you create your products? How do you shoot them? And many other questions. 

Respond to your audience's curiosity by offering them a Reels as did Cherrie Lynn.


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A publication shared by Cherrie ✨ Travel + Lifestyle (@cherrielynn) the

Filming to educate

Why not entertain your audience while teaching them something? This is the concept that The Social Food offers with small recipes.

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You work in fashion and have a new collection to promote? Like JonakMake the presentation dynamic and short with a Reels. This type of video can also be used as teasing to arouse the curiosity of your community, think about it!

Make tutos

Like Rosa BonheurTake advantage of the Reels to create your own tutorials in the blink of an eye!

Be creative

Reels is a format that allows you to have fun in video and entertain your community. There are a lot of effects and transitions, so be creative and imaginative. And don't forget that if you speak you can add subtitles with Captured to make your video accessible to everyone!

Subtitle easily?

It's possible thanks to Capté!

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