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We notice that consumers have an appetite for videos, and this is a good thing, because video content explodes. However, how to be visible in the face of this saturation? Commitment! And yes, improving the engagement rate of your videos will lead to increased visibility.

Capturing attention

First of all, there is no need to try to create a buzz! For example on Facebook, only 1% of videos go viral (Wochit studies of January 2018).

But then how do you get attention? Seeking engagement is the key! The more engaging your content is, the more attention you can get.

How to engage your subscribers? How to improve the engagement rate of your videos?

  • Work your storytelling ! Users are on social networks to have a fun time so they will never be against a little story. So, try storytelling in your video to convince with emotions.


  • Prefer short videos ! Be careful with the size of your video, a few minutes are better than 10 minutes. Yes, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so if your video is too long, your audience might not go all the way through. And consequently not to engage. The maximum length also varies according to the social platforms (2018 Hubspot study).


  • Favour face-cam! You'll have a better chance of capturing attention because the user will feel like you're talking directly to them. And nobody (or almost nobody) skips someone who speaks to them.



  • Don't forget the hook! Work on the first few seconds of your video to grab your audience. Give a very precise content (figures or information for example) to capture the interest of your audience.


  • Think about the format ! 16:9, Square, 9:16? Where are you going to post your video? Depending on the publishing platform and location, your format may change, an advertising video or a story will not have the same formats!


  • Be mobile first! Currently, social networks are consulted via cell phones. Think about it, people are on a vertical format, in an environment not always optimal for listening to a video (see all the previous points)


  • Integrate a Call-To-Action (CTA)! Your video has a pragmatic purpose, so don't hesitate to clearly state it and to solicit your audience

Last but not least

Get to know your community! To encourage audience engagement, make sure you understand your audience's needs. This way, you will offer them content that interests them. And of course, the probability that your community will engage will be higher.

You want to subtitle to gain commitment?

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