Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate the post-production work on the subtitling. With the Captured tool, we bring an ergonomic interface that simplifies the integration of subtitles to videos. Thanks to Capté, this work becomes fun and less time-consuming.

Our mission is to design Capté as a product that meets the expectations of users by drawing on their experience.

Our values

The team of Sixty circuitsThe Captured web application creates new ways to link the digital world to the physical world. Adept of interactive tools, Capté pursues our values. The tool is created to help digital actors. Today, subtitles are an essential part of video content. It allows a better accessibility to video content. By taking this theme, Capté puts the human being back at the heart of the digital world. Our subtitle generator is designed to save you time and simplify your life.

Our location

In the heart of Paris

  • Paris, France

Our made in France tool comes straight from the capital. Flourishing with innovative technological initiatives, this city inspires us and allows us to explore our creativity.

Our offices are located in the north of Paris, in the 10th arrondissement. In the heart of a creative nursery that we founded in 2008, bringing together under the same roof and according to the seasons, architects, graphic designers, scenographers, photographers.

This space is in our image, eclectic and bubbling with ideas. It allows us to blossom and develop fully.