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To capture the audience's attention, subtitled video content is a must! This is a well-known fact in digital marketing. For reach an ever larger audience while saving time and money, the automatic subtitles help a lot.

Today, several subtitling The most popular automatic systems are offered to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Find out about some of them in this article. But first...

... what exactly is subtitling?

Subtitling consists of placing subtitles on a video. The goal is to allow your audience to better understand and be more captivated by your content. In most cases, they appear at the bottom of the video.

It is also a very good way toreach an audience that does not speak your language. Japanese cartoons are a very good example. In almost every country in the world, young people watch manga without speaking the language. And this is thanks to the subtitles!

Subtitling is also essential to meet new uses. The deployment of videos on networks such as Instagram or TikTok requires the use of subtitles, especially for those who consult their smartphone in transport.

The use of theoftware for add subtitles to a video made the task easier.

Why automatic subtitling?

On Youtube or Instagram, a well-subtitled video displays a longer Watch Time than its non-subtitled version. Companies in the marketing sector are aware of this! Individuals also see this trend and want to take advantage of it.

Transcribing video manually is a time-consuming activity. If you don't want to spend all your time on it, you can use transcription agencies. But we all know that agencies require a large budget.

The use of software to insert subtitles in a video became a necessity.

The advantages of automatic subtitling are numerous:

  • You can reach a wider audience. In fact, thefet, a subtitle software automatic usually includes translation into other languages. Your videos will also be accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

  • On many platforms such as Facebook, theaudio in videos is disabled by default in the news feed. Automatic subtitles are also aimed at people who are in a place where they cannot put the sound on.

  • Use a software to make subtitles provides you with considerable time savings.

It's a much more economical solution in relation to transcription agencies.

YouTube's automatic captioning solution

If you're familiar with YouTube, you've probably already watched videos with automatic subtitles. And you knew that it was the work of automatic subtitle software from YouTube because no one would commit the transcription errors that you had noticed!

This is the drawback of relying solely on YouTube's automatic captioning solution. Most transcripts are not reliable at 100 %.

It saves you time, but you can't rely completely on AI. Proofreading and correction of automatically generated texts is always required.

Another significant disadvantage of using YouTube's automatic subtitles is its complexity. Indeed, most new users have a hard time finding their way around the YouTube Studio interface. If you're new to YouTube Studio, you'll usually have to read or watch a long tutorial to guide you through.

The automatic subtitle software Captured

Capté has been designed to make subtitling easierand even fun!

With this tool, you will make great savings in time and money. That said, we strongly advise you to always check your texts and correct the sentences. Capté's artificial intelligence is among the most reliable. Indeed, AI cannot perfectly replace humans. However, Capté's interface makes your tasks quick and easy (much more than on YouTube Studio anyway!).

The steps to use our automatic subtitle software are easy and effective:

  1. You upload your video.

  2. AI will auto transcribe your subtitles.

  3. You edit the automatically generated subtitles.

The simplicity is the main asset of Capté. No need for specific skills or a long tutorial to understand how the tool works!

You can use the service for free. If you want to have access to more advanced features, l'standard and premium offer will offer you more freedom and possibilities. In addition, we offer a 7-day free trial for each offer.

Here we go, I start subtitling

Subtitle easily and efficiently

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