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The corporate blog is an indispensable tool that allows you to be well referenced among other things. But what kind of articles to write to get social network shares and backlinks for SEO? 

A recent study sheds some light

Fractl, a growth marketing agency recently released a study on the type of successful content. The study is based on eAbout 5,000 contents that have at least 25 backlinks. 

This study makes it possible to Understand what content works and why. Capté has deciphered for you the do's and don'ts for a successful writing strategy.

What types of articles are most commonly shared and linked?

To analyze these contents, Fractl has viewed content by topic then by item type and finally cross-referencing

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Thus the most shared articles on social networks are the articles tuto How To as an article, the video listingss, the video tutorialss, the lists and infographics and the newsletter. The themes that lend themselves to sharing are : sports, sexuality and relationships.

For the videos, we advise you to subtitle them, it strengthens the SEO. And to help you with that, Capté allows you the subtitling automatic!

Creating Emotions

Articles provide emotions for the reader which on Facebook or Linkedin, for example, is characterized by different reactions (anger, greetings, laughter, congratulations...). The more emotionally charged an article is, the more it is shared.  Each theme provides a different emotion.

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Technology's gonna be a pretty neutral theme while the sport is going to generate more heated reactions. like anger or sadness or surprise.

Be succinct and know how to bounce back on the news

Finally, the most shared articles are often short articles with an average of 645 words for the most successful ones. However, the size of the article will depend on the answer you give to the reader. and depending on whether he needs a quick or a long answer. Opt for quality above all!

The content that bounces back or relays the news are they too more likely to be shared.


According to your target and the theme of your blogChoose the type of articles you want to make to be the most successful. But feel free to test and look at your KPIs to find out what works for you!

Need to subtitle a video?

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