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The subtitled video CV as a demarcation opportunity

The search for a host company for an apprenticeship is far from being a formality. This is a real job search. In fact, employers use (in theory) this system as a pre-recruitment.

It is necessary to succeed in quickly differentiate to get their attention. In that sense, the Video CV Subtitled is an opportunity still too little used by students today.

This format can be used in any type of job search context. 

Alternation slowed in its momentum

While apprenticeship has always had a hard time making a name for itself in France, statistics in recent years show a spectacular progress.

Indeed, we were counting on 491,000 apprentices in 2019 an increase of 16% over 2018. The year 2020 was expected to follow this trend. Before the health crisis comes to disrupt the economic life.

HR services manage current priorities

Businesses that are currently experiencing severe financial difficulties will exit rather than recruit.

With the crisis, there are fewer employers looking for apprentices. HR departments are much more concerned about their current employees and the implementation of health measures than about recruitment. 

Conclusion, a substantial reduction of the number of job offers and a substantial increase the number of applicants, i.e. strong competition in the apprenticeship market.

The number of students who sought our help has increased fivefold.

Aurélien Cadiou - President Anaf

Statistics that confirm the trend

Captured by publishing a job alternation advertisement received more than 80 applications in less than 24 hours. It's tenfold than the trends seen before the Coronavirus crisis on a similar job offer. This meant that the ad had to be paused in order to study all the profiles.

You too submitted about 60 applications and only got 2 returns? And on top of that they are negative? You wonder in this context, how can you stand out from the other applications?

The subtitled video CV format

Video resumes are a great way to attract attention. They allow to highlight creative talents, the spirit of synthesis or to measure the effectiveness of verbal communication.

This format is not widely used by students in active research and is perceived in the professional world as a "best practice" format. innovative lever to stand out of the other candidates. In addition, it generates strong enthusiasm, a lot of sharing, the receipt of messages of encouragement and a lot of goodwill. What's in it for you? boost your confidence if this one needed it!

At the same time, putting your video CV online on social or professional networks will allow you to expand it. Your (new) community has appreciated your differentiating approach and will want to follow your adventure !

Advantages of the video CV format

  • it allows you to stand out 
  • this format, because of its originality, helps to attract the attention of recruiters
  • the video CV allows you to reveal your personality, your ability to convey emotions, to highlight your creativity or your spirit of synthesis.
  • it's a support that will certify that you master the tools of digital technology.

Add subtitles to your Video CV

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Adding subtitles to your videos will considerably increase your visibility: +12% on average. When the video is subtitled, it has 26% additional chance to be shared and 29% to be commented on. Not insignificant! 

In addition and for information purposes, 66% videos without subtitles are not viewed in full. When they are, 91% of the contents are consumed in full. 

This will therefore also promote the commitment. A user generally pays attention to content for a maximum of ten seconds. This is the time it takes for them to identify and understand the topic. If it doesn't seem interesting, he abandons the reading. For more information, visit our article dedicated to the commitment.

Be equipped with the right equipment

The realization of a video CV requires technical skills in video creation. In addition to a well-functioning stage direction, it is necessary to have some appropriate equipment to get a qualitative result. Indeed, the tone quality and image is of paramount importance for optimal reading.

You don't need a high-end camera, a latest smartphone (with a tripod for good stabilization) can offer a quality that is very close to a made professional. 

What will make the difference

Post your video as soon as possible preferably. The sooner it's uploaded, the sooner you'll be in the heads of the recruiters even though it's never too late! 

If you're going to talk about the main points of your résuméWhen discussing your skills and experiences, you will also be asked to do so by telling a story. history. Like an actor or presenter, you must try to captivate the viewer from the start. In this case, it's a matter of making the recruiter want to watch more.

To do this, accompany your speech with a gesture. The recruiter has to feel your dynamism. Be concise and clear when speaking, the use of a microphone is strongly recommended and choose a quiet place. 

Prefer natural light to artificial light. For this, shooting outdoors is ideal on a white background if possible. You can include a musical background but see to it that she's discreet

Finally, choose a short video of 3 min maximum. Don't unpack too much, and let the recruiter's curiosity come to you! And of course, subtitle your video with Capté to optimize the reading time, and broaden your visibility. 


My Video CV is ready

All I need now are the subtitles!

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