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For a long time subtitles have been associated with a feature for deaf or hard of hearing. While today, they also promote commitment.

Indeed and on average, a user grants ten seconds attention to video content.

In fact, ten seconds that allows him to identify the subject and understand the message. Otherwise he gives up the reading of an audiovisual work

Built-in subtitles are essential

In the age of the attention economy, the scenario of a content is important. But when you look at it, thesubtitle pairing is essential to capture attention from the first few seconds.   

Some statistics say that 91% of the contents are viewed in integrality once they are subtitled. By way of comparison, 66% videos that are not subtitled are not watched to the end. 


Why do embedded subtitles in a video promote engagement?

The addition of subtitles to video content, under these conditions, therefore favors the commitment. Indeed, viewers are more likely to comment and share.

For these reasons video subtitles therefore represent a considerable factor in increasing its development

According to two studies conducted by Refinery 29 and Adaptlya subtitled video records 10% more likes than its unsubtitled version.

Also, 26% of shares and an increase of 29% of comments.

Improving community engagement

Investing in the creation of video content can be a significant part of the budget of communication allocated by a company.

In addition, subscribing to paid software can represent a investment in the long run. In order to maximize its funding, the video should be viewed as many times as possible.

In this respect, to reach a wider audience regardless of the conditions under which they consult content.

Below are the 7 criteria that make subtitles performance booster :

  1. 85% of the videos are watched in mute 
  2. 75% of the videos are seen on mobile phone
  3. keep the audience's attention
  4. promote retention 
  5. extended viewing
  6. improve indexation
  7.  improve search engine referencing.

Stylize your video subtitles

There are several software programs that allow you to style subtitles to your image.

This is what Capté. You can change the size, color, position and font of your subtitles. The intuitive interface allows you to edit and stylize easily the subtitles as you wish. So customize this feature to your image.

A good way to stand out and attract even more public attention.

I stylize my subtitles in my image

And it's easy with Capté

Here we go,
I'm starting!

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