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Hashtags, what's the use and is it still useful? Well yes, thanks to them you can gain commitment and gain community. Hence the importance of implementing a hashtag strategy!

How to find the right hashtags for your publication?

First, look at the hashtags of your competitors and industry leaders. Next, look at the hashtags that Instagram associates withthose qualified as related by the platform. Also consider to which keywords you can link your post and their semantic fields. If you need inspiration, you can type the hashtags of your sector in the search bar of Display purposes and related hashtags will be offered to you.

Careful, though, some hashtags are banned by Instagramyou can find them in of lists or in testing your words.

How to choose a relevant hashtag?

After finding hashtags, look at the number of publications for each: if the number of publications is too high, your publication may be lost in the mass of publications. Prefer targeted hashtags to broad hashtags. Also remember to watch, the number of comments and I like (= commitment rate) of the most popular publications, to see if you have a chance to appear among them. 

If the number of publications for a hashtag is too high, look for smaller hashtags and analyze the average engagement of the most popular posts: if we have about the same early engagement, we have more chances to be in the popular publications of this hashtag so our post will have more visibility.

When you find a relevant hashtag, it's also interesting to look at the type of popular publications with this hashtag (computer graphics, color, legend...). Indeed, the Instagram algorithm analyzes publication types and favors those that are most similar to the identified hashtag.

What strategy to adopt with hashtags?

To maximize its chances of gaining visibility and therefore commitment, you can set up the hashtag strategy known as staircase or use hashtags of different sizes. Which is what? You will choose hashtags that are small, medium, large or very large by comparing the engagement rates found for each hashtag to the engagement rates of your publications. 

  • The small hashtags = small compared to your average commitment / choose one between 5-7 hashtags
  • The medium hashtags = the engagement rate is between your average engagement rate and your BPP (Best Performing Post) / choose 5 
  • The large hashtag = the commitment rate must match the average rate of your BPP or be above / choose the 3 biggest hashtags
  • The large hashtag = choose  1 to 2 more than your engagement rates

How to post hashtags?

Here, no particular specificity, no study has been carried out on this subject. You can post the hashtags as first comment or at the bottom of a legend.

How many hashtags to write?

There is no particular number but it is advisable to write between 14 and 22 hashtags and do not exceed 30 hashtags for a publication and 10 for a story.

Do not hesitate to go up to the authorized quota to maximize your chances of visibility.  

What do we do next?

To see if your hashtag strategy works, test different lists and look at the results for each one.


Also be careful, if you always use the same hashtags, Instagram may think that your account is spamming. So be sure to vary your lists.

Now it's your turn!


And if you want to know even more about hashtags and hashtags strategies, we advise you to Display Purposes blog (English-speaking).

Putting hashtag is good.

Putting subtitles on your videos is even better.

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