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You couldn't miss the rise of video content on social networks! Nor of an increasingly recurrent phenomenon: subtitles on social network videos.

According to recent studies, 82% of global Internet traffic will come from broadcasting and downloading videos by 2022.

For this reason, brands have every interest in broadcasting quality video content on social networks, which themselves are booming!

video_konbini_under_titles However, despite the fact that users are spending more and more time on social networks, it is not always easy to capture their interest. Who hasn't scrolled without interest on instagram and facebook? So how do you make your video make a difference? Here's a quick overview.

How many users are there on social networks? 

Social networks are now available virtually anywhere, anytime, thanks to the development of mobile technologies. Users often have state-of-the-art phones that allow them to post attractive content and become real players in their favourite social networks via mobile applications that further enhance accessibility. 2019 social networking figures announce 3.2 billion userswhich is now 42% of the world's population! This number is therefore constantly increasing.

Should the video format be favoured on social networks? 

On Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter... video has become a must for both users and brands. If we take Facebook as an example, 100 million hours of video are watched by users every day. Videos are much more promoted than photos (27% are promoted, compared to 17% from the photos); but there are so many more photos than videos that this new format seems a lot more effective in reaching the public. Same finding on Instagram, where the videos have 21.2% more interactions in relation to the photos. Finally, the videos are a cool and enjoyable format. In a few seconds, the user gets the message while having a great time watching a video on the attractive, educational or entertaining content.

Does subtitling your video really make a difference?

Have you ever looked for your headphones in your apartment, just to watch a 10 second video on facebook? If that's the case, I'm sure it wasn't the most pleasant experience. A Facebook study has also shown that 80% users react negatively when a video is played with sound when they did not expect it. For this reason Facebook, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks, has enabled silent mode and auto playback. Now, on Facebook, 85% of the videos are watched silently.  The increase in video content means more accessibility needed for improve the viewing experience international audiences, deaf or hard of hearing, but also of all users. This maximizes your chances ofbring to the attention of users without needing the audio. Add subtitles to his videos, is finally expanding his community.

Alhen how do you quickly subtitle a video?

It is therefore now necessary to think subtitle before shooting of your films. Media such as Raw or Konbini have in fact made it an essential part of their videos, with a recognizable typeface that transforms the subtitle into a real, ultra aesthetic graphic design, and we almost ask for more. The first words that are displayed are therefore of crucial importance. Some social networks offer options to upload closed captions (like Facebook or Youtube) while others force users to "burn" (i.e., embed directly) the captions on the video (this is the case of Instagram or Snapchat). raw_subtitle_video With Captéwe offer you the possibility to quickly burner your subtitles on your video and to have, in addition, the TRS file ! All you have to do is upload your video on our platform and quickly edit your subtitles. In no time at all, your video is ready to be posted on social networks. subtitles_in_digits Let me get this straight:
  • 82% of global Internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloading by 2022
  • 3.2 billion social network users worldwide 
  • 100 million hours of video watched by users every day on facebook
  • 27% of the videos on Facebook are marketing videos 
  • 21.2% of interactions in + for videos than for photos on Instagram
  • 80% users react negatively when video is played with sound
  • 85% videos are watched silently on Facebook
Two consequences One growing need for subtitling + the development  practical tools such as Captured.

So what are we waiting for?!

Add subtitles easily with Captured! Click here

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