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As we often point out, the subtitling has become the norm on the internet and social networks. Many tools now allow to subtitle its videos. But what are the best tools? How to find your way around? 

Today, I'm going to present three different solutions: 

  1.  Youtube and its automatic subtitling solution 
  2. Adobe Premiere and his subtitle editor 
  3. Captéa tool for automatic subtitling thanks to voice recognition.

Youtube and its automatic subtitling solution

Youtube has understood that subtitles are essential for a good visibility on social networks. For this reason, Youtube offers a tool to subtitle its videos. The interface is precise to use.

1. The procedure for adding subtitles 
➡️ Add your video to Youtube
➡️ Access the Video Manager by clicking on your account icon in the top right corner, then Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos
➡️ Then, next to the video for which you want to add subtitles, click on the drop-down menu near the "Edit" button. Select "subtitles" and then click on the "add subtitles" button
➡️Vous can then either create your subtitlesor import a file subtitles, or use the automatic subtitles !  

2. Benefits

A precise and professional interface and several possibilities to add subtitles

3. Disadvantages 

However, the tool may seem complex for someone who has never used the Youtube platform or who has never added subtitles. You also have to post your video on Youtube to be able to add subtitles. 

Adobe premiere pro and its subtitle editor 

Premiere pro is an Adobe software for video professionals. However, with the development of simpler tools, it is no longer a must-have and community managers will prefer to turn to a simpler, less expensive tool within their reach. 

1. The procedure for adding subtitles

➡️ Open your project in Premiere Pro, click on the "New Item" button at the bottom of the "Project" panel, then select "Captions".

➡️ Set your preferences in the pop-up dialog boxes.

➡️ Drag the element "Subtitles" to the edit, drop it into the video track and align it with the voice-overs.

➡️ Choose Window > Legends, enter your text and adjust styles and other settings.

➡️ To add more subtitles, increase the duration of the subtitle by dragging the element with the mouse. Add a new subtitle, then place it in the right place by changing the time code, or simply by dragging and dropping.

2. Benefits

Locating and correcting subtitles is fairly simple. The software also takes into account the management of transcription colour codes, which are not taken into account by social networks.

3. Disadvantages

Adobe remains a professional software that is not for everyone. It takes time to understand and get used to it.

Captured, the automatic subtitling tool thanks to voice recognition! 

If you are not a regular user of Youtube or Adobe Premiere, there is nothing like an automatic subtitling tool. For some time, these tools have been developing a lot but they are not all qualitative. Capté is easy to use and ergonomic!

1. The procedure for adding subtitles

➡️ Go to the Captured application 

➡️ Upload the video you want to subtitle 

➡️ Subtitles appear automatically thanks to voice recognition! They are not perfect and therefore need to be reworked, but this is a good basis. 

➡️ When your video is finalized, all you have to do is upload it (subtitles will be directly embedded in it) and post it on social networks. 

2. Benefits 

The handling is simple and fluid even for a beginner. The integration of subtitles thanks to voice recognition saves time even if you have to rework the subtitles afterwards. The .SRT file can also be downloaded which is convenient. 

3. Disadvantages 

The application is not magic! You still have to work on your subtitles once the voice recognition has done the job. 

Test Captured
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