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Which platforms to create animated videos?

Playback time: < 1 min Video content is increasingly present on the web. Here are 5 platforms that will allow you to create animated videos.

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How to make a free video capture?

Playback time: 2 min Need to film your screen display? Capté offers you free and approved solutions.

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Open Captions or Closed Caption?

Playback time : 2 min Open Caption or Closed Caption ? What's the difference? Which choice to make? Capté is there to answer all your questions about subtitling.

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How to improve the engagement rate on your videos?

Playback time: 2 min Video content explodes but how to stand out in the crowd? Engagement, learn how to improve engagement on your videos.

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The need for a community manager

Reading time: 4 min Why is a community manager so important? Managing your community becomes increasingly important as your customer base grows. It is therefore necessary that someone within your

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How to get more likes on instagram?

Reading time: 4 min How to get more likes on instagram? Want to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? Getting more likes will help ensure that your future posts will be more visible,

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Implementing a hashtag strategy

Reading time: 3 min What is the use of hashtags and is it still useful? Well yes, thanks to them you can gain commitment and acquire a community. Hence the importance of implementing a hashtag strategy.

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How to convince its first users?

Reading time: 4 min How did we convince our first users to use Capté? Capté was born around March 15, in a Covid 19 context. Our company is called Sixty Circuits and specializes in creating

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Video subtitle translation with Captured

Playback time: 3 min Automatically translate your subtitles into 5 languages

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The guide to become a (real) TikTok pro

Reading time: 5 min How to become a TikTok pro? You've seen Emmanuel Macron take the plunge but you don't want to be as bad as him: this guide is for you.

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