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What are the best tools for subtitling your videos?

Reading time: 3 min As we often point out, subtitling has become the norm on the internet and social networks. Many tools now allow you to subtitle your videos. But what are the best tools? How to find your way around

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10 video ideas for your content strategy

Reading time: 8 min Lacking ideas for your content strategy? Capté offers you 10 video ideas to create for your company / brand.

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But what's a happy snack? Discover it

Reading time: 5 min Le snack content, a very obcure term that you know well and that you will understand thanks to this article.

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How to generate an .SRT file for any video (automatically)

Playback time: 2 min How to generate an .SRT file for any video (automatically) Since the launch of Captured, we have learned a lot about captioning videos and all the different processes people go through to caption them.

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Who are the French youtubers to watch in 2020?

Reading time: 2 min Who are the youtubeurs and youtubeuses to follow in 2020? As professionals of social networks and Youtube, you couldn't escape EnjoyPhoenix, Squeezie or Norman. Today, we went

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How to generate an article preview for social networks?

Reading time: 4 min A clean and well-structured article preview will greatly enhance your reach across multiple social platforms and private messaging.

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How to write subtitles correctly?

Playback time: 2 min Subtitles are increasingly present in videos. But how to write them and integrate them into your videos? Capté shares subtitling standards and techniques with you.

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Where's that actually coming from, "subtitles"?

Playback time: 3 min. As we keep telling you, subtitles become essential on videos. But why? And what is the origin of their creation? We explain everything to you in the way your

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Why produce video content?

Playback time: 2 min Why is it important to produce video content and not just photos?

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5 tips for posting videos on social networks

Playback time: 2 min Video is a must for inbound and content marketing strategies. Here are 5 tips to publish videos on your social networks.