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Communicating via video on mobile phones

Playback time: 2 min Communicating via video on mobile phones has many advantages but requires a little preparation, why not give it a try? Learn how to communicate by video on mobile.

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How do I integrate an SRT file with Premiere pro?

Playback time: 2 min You have an SRT file and need to integrate it into Premiere Pro? This article is made for you!

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6 techniques for writing SEO content

Reading time: 4 min 6 techniques for writing SEO content! It's no secret that SEO and content go hand in hand. Writing articles, beyond being interesting, obviously helps to improve SEO. After

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The type of article to write...

Reading time: 2 min The company blog is an indispensable tool that allows you to be well referenced among others. But what kind of articles to write to get shares on social networks and backlinks for SEO? 

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5 types of LinkedIn post

Reading time: 2 min You're out of inspiration and you don't know what to publish on your LinkedIn? We understand you, it's not always easy. That's why today we present you 5 types of LinkedIn posts

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Subtitled Video CV

Reading time: 4 min The subtitled video CV as a demarcation opportunity Finding a host company for an apprenticeship is far from being a formality. It is a real job search. Indeed, employers use (in theory) this system to (theoretically)

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How to perform on LinkedIn?

Reading time: 2 min LinkedIn is the professional social network that can help you grow your business. But for this you need to communicate and engage your community. How to perform on Linkedin?

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How to make a good vlog in 2020

Reading time: 4 min How to make a good vlog in 2020? The vlogging craze is spreading all over the world, even celebrities have started to get into it. Anyone can be a blogger, but you

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What is e-accessibility?

Reading time: 2 min Accessibility is a right. A human right. A right that must also apply to the digital sector. Capté offers you advice on how to make your content accessible.

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The corporate blog, an indispensible lever

Reading time: 4 min Although some Digital Marketing professionals claimed that blogs were dead, it turns out that this is no longer the case. The corporate blog is an indispensable lever. Indeed, its importance is only growing