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You produce podcasts ? In view of the battle that rages to obtain the first places in the SERP, referencing your content well is of paramount importance. The transcript from audio to text remains one of the best solutions to make a podcast known. 

What are the different solutions for transcribing a podcast into text? This article provides an overview of the issue. 

What exactly is a podcast?

A podcast is a type of broadcast that can be downloaded and listened to at any time and anywhere. In everyday language, we talk more about audio than video. The term itself comes from the contraction of two words: iPod (Apple's Walkman, remember?) and Casting (which means "broadcast"). 

The reason you "see" some podcasts on YouTube or other video platforms is because the podcaster decided to film and share the moment of the audio recording in the studio. 

Why transcribe a podcast into text?

This is a relevant question since the experience your targets are looking for is audio. That said, providing a transcript of your podcast in text has considerable advantages: 

  • The referencing of your podcast will be much better if its transcript is published. The search engine will be more likely to direct new listeners to the podcast.
  • You will reach the types of Internet users who prefer to read rather than listen to audio content or watch videos.
  • Your podcast becomes accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing for example.

The different solutions to transcribe a podcast into text

You can choose between several solutions to transcribe your podcast into text: 

Manual transcription

The most obvious solution is to transcribe the podcast yourself. This is a very labor intensive and time consuming task. In professional environments, this work is often undertaken by the assistant or intern.

Although this is a method with many disadvantages, there is one major advantage: you will have fewer mistakes due to dialect and slang problems.

Use the host's transcription services

Your podcast host may also offer audio transcription. Indeed, more and more podcast hosting services include audio transcription. If you upload your podcast to Spotify or Anchor, for example, chances are that the platform will offer you the " transcribe podcast software ".

Use the services of a professional audio transcriptionist

You can search for a provider on professional social networks and platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. But you can also turn to audio transcription agencies. 

Use automatic transcription software

There are many paid software for transcribe a podcast. You can also use free voice dictation in Google Docs. However, you cannot rely on certain software to provide a quality result. The amount of work after the "transcription" by these tools is often significant. 

Captured: an ideal alternative to traditional audio transcription solutions

This software is without a doubt the most effective solution for transcribe a podcast

Captured is a tool specialized in the video subtitling. So the trick is to first make a video edit containing an image and your audio. Most podcast hosts have software that allows them to obtain this video version.

Captured is also a transcription tool. You can therefore use the tool in two different ways by subtitling and in transcription.

Once you have finished subtitling the video, you can extract the subtitles to publish them on your site or reuse them later. This is done by copying the transcribed text from the Caption Editor.

The advantage of this method is firstly the reliability of the transcription. There will be far fewer corrections than if the transcription had been done by an audio transcription software. This will save you a lot of time.

Creating an account is free on Capté and you can even use the service for free. However, if you are a podcaster with a large volume of content to transcribe, you will have more freedom if you use the paid versions. 

Create your account on Capté now to edit your podcasts!

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