About Capté

How was Captured born?

In a containment context due to Covid-19, Sixty circuits had to reinvent itself. Indeed, the digital workshop works mainly in the event industry. After long discussions with content creators, we realized that subtitling had become essential. But it is a long and tedious task. Everyone is reluctant to do it.

Thus, Capté was born. During this period of telecommuting, the entire team of Sixty circuits starts to create a subtitle generator, easy to use, accessible to everyone and above all, a tool with which to have fun doing this work.

Why and for what Captured?

Smartphones and Iphones

By 2021, 61 % of global Internet traffic will be generated by mobiles. This means that content is largely consumed via mobile phones. Video thus becomes unavoidable and sound, for its part, sometimes harmful. Subtitling is therefore becoming indispensable and practical!

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Snack Content

The snack content is micro-content that attracts the attention of the public. More and more present in the age of the smartphone, it often takes the form of short videos. And to gain visibility, the subtitling is de rigueur!

Create happy snacks

Accessibility for all

Deaf and hard of hearing people will appreciate being able to consume video content thanks to subtitles. On the other hand, when noise is omnipresent, subtitling allows you to watch a video in all serenity and without disturbing. No noise or too much noise, subtitling is the solution!

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Three letters that stand for Search Engine Optimization, or natural search engine optimization, in a simplified version. Subtitles allow your videos to be better referenced and therefore more visible. Don't wait any longer, subtitle!

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Subtitling is time-consuming when done by hand: you have to transcribe the text, then sequence it and finally integrate it into the video. With Captured, voice recognition generates the subtitles, all that remains is to edit them. The result? You save time!

Save time


A video is good, the visual aspect helps our brain to focus more easily on the content. But for an even easier and faster understanding, subtitles are your allies. And yes, your content will be more assimilated by combining text and image!

Make it easier to understand

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